Friday, February 5, 2016

Whats in the Box - LootAnime November Crate 2015

I think it is not surprise to anyone who follows me that I love a Loot Crate and subscription boxes. 

It would also be no surprise that I love anime and Manga

So when the prospect of BOTH together showed up..... 


Now when the November crate arrived in early December 2015. I couldn't wait and had to dive in right away. I have since received the December crate this week and recorded a Unboxing video on youtube.

But even though it is late I thought I would share what was in the November crate..

The theme was Brawl.. 

So without further ado... this is what was inside..

The inside of the box was awesome with a huge image of Ironclad from Sword Art Online.

Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki Tee by Ripple Junction

A very nice t-shirt from  great series. it is a little busy for my liking but is making a great gym shirt. The fit was pretty spot on and it was good quality and 100% cotton.

Exclusive Attack on Titan Glass Mug by Surreal Entertainment

Fighting titans is thirsty work and goodness knows you need large amounts of coffee to keep awake. The mag is pretty cool, I think it would have looked better on a clear glass but that is my preference. It felt nice in had and would be great for those Attack on Titan binge watches.. 

Mystery Mini Anime Blind Box by Funko

I got Sebastian from Black Butler. He is so damn kawaii.. 

Attack on Titan Bandages by Crowded Coop

A bit odd but I guess even the Survey corps need a sticky plaster every now and then..

Seven Deadly Sins Vol 1 by Kodansha Comics

A manga is always a win for me and this series is one I am just getting into so I was very happy

Exclusive Founders Phone charm by Loot anime Labs.

This was very cute and took place of the regular pin in normal loot crates.  

And finally a awesome big poster, which also had the list of everything in the crate on the other side.

Overall I really love the anime crate.. 
Favourite item would have been the Seven Deadly Sins Manga Book
There was not one item I didn't recognise the anime or manga it was from which was pretty cool... 
I am such an Otaku

Now if you want to see what I thought of the December Crate...
Pop over to my YouTube channel.. the video is going up today

and if you just can't wait and want in on the looty goodness..go visit Lootcrate 

What was the item you would have wanted most?

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