Sunday, January 28, 2018

Styling in the rain with Elements Rainwear..

When one lives in a city as rainy as Vancouver, you need a good rain coat…
Well you need many good raincoats..

When I knew I was moving here I started to look for a raincoat that would not look ridiculous with my swing dresses and skirts. I wanted to be able to still dress up but be protected as possible from the rain.

I stumbled upon a post from Elements Rainwear and it looks pretty much what I was after. I jumped on their website I placed an order and crossed my fingers.

Now I will be completely honest, the website is a little confusing. While it is awesome that you can order your coat in so many variations of Vinyl colours and thickness. The issue I had was there was no really clear description on what any of them were. So I fumbled along as best I could and ordered the Romantica coat in Semi Clear.

The Coat was £64.20 (GBP) with postage to Canada it came to £88.78.
Not the cheapest raincoat but it was worth a try. I had not seen any other rain coats like it.

This coat is a just over knee length with a full swing skirt and belted waist. For reference i am 169 cm tall and the coat hits me under my knees.
I chose to have a hood as it is definitely needed here, but you can choose for it just to have a collar. There was also an option for pockets. As they are made to order in many cases it took a little while to arrive so take that into consideration if ordering.

When it arrived I was very impressed with how well it was made. The joins are all very clean and clear. The cut is lovely and the full skirt is just the right length on me that my skirt stays dry.

I ordered a 3xl and it fits well. it is roomy enough i could wear a coat underneath. It is also not tight at all on the arms, which i was concerned about.

You need to be a little careful with it and make sure it dries properly but I have had no issues with the vinyl sticking together as of yet.

Overall I have been very happy with the fit of the coat, it sits well and the skirt has enough fullness that it would cover, even if I was wearing a full petticoat. I do wish the belt was a little more substantial but think one provided does the job.

If I was buying again, I would still go with the cut I chose. I would however order a more opaque or decorative vinyl. Just something with a little more detail. I am though, very happy with my order and it shall be keeping me dry for while to come.

How do you protect yourself from the rain when in pinup?


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

a little Wilder west with Erstwilder

Ok.. so we all know that my love for all that is Erstwilder is vast.. 
They just make the cutest of things ever. 

Well when I saw the newest range "Wilder West" I actually squealed.. Designed by the talented Donna Mizzi. There was no way I was not going to love every single one of them.
They are all so adorable. I just had to share the three I have got my hot little hands on.

First up we have the adorable 'Stay Plucky'

This little banjo is just beyond adorable, the detail is gorgeous and the little blue stone at the top. Swooon..
The next up is 'Luck's a Fortune'

The soft pink, and the pattern in resin is so damn pretty. I love the shape and detail on the horseshoe. I foresee this being a new favourite for sure.
And finally 'Sacred Ground'

I just love so much about this design. I think it speaks for itself really.
Now...other than the launch there is also some exciting news..
Esrtwilder now have a loyalty program.

To celebrate this they are having an amazing 24 hour ‘Double Points’ on every item of the website finishing 11:59pm AEDT 17.1.18. Points can only be collected if you have an account, so make sure to create one and collect the welcome bonus points too!

Annnd to make it even better....for every piece purchased from the new Wilder West collection online, you will receive one entry to win the one of a kind resin buffalo wall hanging, only 1 ever made, and an additional 2 entries for every ‘Sacred Ground’ brooch purchased (while stock lasts)! Entries end on 18.1.18 at 11:59pm AEDT with a winner announced on Monday 22nd.

How freaking awesome is it!! WANTTTS

What do you think of the newest launch, are you as much in love as i am??


Monday, December 18, 2017

Scantilly Knockout Red Review

When the amazing brand Curvy Kate launched its Sassy and sexy Sister brand Scantilly
I was very intrigued right away. I have lusted at many many of the Scantilly items over the last season or two but had not had a chance to try any of them.

When the lovely ladies at Scantilly contacted me and offered to send me a set... 
there was no way I was saying no. I wanted to try and share my thoughts.

I received a beautiful box with the Knockout Red set inside, 
it was lovely on its own already and when i tried it on.

Oh my gosh, it is so pretty. 

For size comparison
 my Measurements are:

Dress size
: 16/18
Chest: 48.5
Waist: 37
Hips: 51
Height: 5'7"

the sizes I received were:

Scantilly Knock Out Red Plunge Bra - 38FF

Scantilly Knock Out Red Brief - XL

Scantilly Knock Out Red Suspender - XL

The whole set is made of a sheer red mesh with black details and straps.

The bra is a deep plunge and fits a lot better than I expected. Typically the soft cup or sheer bras have a slightly softer shape but this set still delivers very nicely with the cleavage and shape.

It is a 3 part cup construction that gives that lovely rounded shape I typically prefer. There is a little strap detail that simply sits over your head to create the second strap look.

The Briefs fit very comfortably over my quite sizeable hips/booty. I will note though they are very sheer. A little editing magic has taken place to sensor the images.

The suspender belt is super cute for decoration. It was in a XL was actually to big for my waist size, but with the variation between my hips and waist i did expect that. I am not sure if I am a little short in the torso the briefs were higher waisted but it did not quite sit right when connected to the briefs, it was too close, with a little tweaking i could get it to sit nicely though. 

But in saying that, this suspender belt would only ever been worn as decoration.

We all know I am very particular with my suspender belts for daily wear and this did not have what I find comfortable for that. As a extra add on, the look is sassy and sexy as hell though for that special occasion, it is totally fine. Just be sure you have some awesome stockings that fit, high on your thigh and are not too snug. the straps being so thin just sit better that way. There are a few other posts on my blog for some of my favourite stocking brands for bigger thighs.

On a whole though, i was so loving just how sexy this set was. It had a few little cutouts in the briefs that did push my body issues a little but regardless of those. I still felt sexy and loved the look so much and to make it even better... it fit and was comfortable... 
Yes sexy underwear can be super comfortable too..

Who knew ;)

So what do you think, did Scantilly Knock it out of the park with this set?
I think so.


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Playful Promises x Gabi Fresh On the Rocks Review

 You know that moment when you hear about a collaboration and know it can only mean good things..
Well when I heard about the collaboration with the amazing fashion blogger Gabi Fresh and Lingerie company Playful Promises.. 
there was no way I wasn't going to be buying that to try..

So when I saw it was launched I rushed over the the playful promises site and snapped up a few of the pieces. 
Now I am sad to say a lot of it has sold out.. *sob* 
But I still wanted to share my thoughts and how it fit on me.

What I ordered - 

and for comparison my numbers are - 

Dress size: 16/18
Chest: 48.5
Waist: 37
Hips: 50
Height: 5'7"

I ordered a 40G in the bra as I have other bras from the Playful Promises Curve range and they were a good fit. the 20 in the briefs is typically due to baby got back.. *shrug*

 The bra is a 3 piece structured cup construction and gives a really nice rounded shape, which suits my bust well. The straps and nice and thick and the harness with gold details is very nicely placed.

I could have gone down a band size i think but if I did, I would have definitely had to have gone up a cup. Overall I am happy with the size I ordered as it is comfy and looks good.

The briefs are a good fit, very comfy and do not squeeze at all the fabric is very soft with a good stretch. The straps are the same as the straps on the bra, with my smaller waist, I have the straps tightened as much as they can go and they are still slightly loose. 

Now we all know I am fussy as all hell when it comes to suspender belts..
So I hate to say the suspender belt was a big miss for me, I had to order a 20 to accommodate the strap that goes around the hips but that meant the waist was loose. The stocking clips were a exercise in pure frustration getting done up. This would be purely decorative and I very doubt I will ever actually wear it. 

Unless I am wearing a robe of some kind, I just feel slightly like a ham in the strappy suspender belt. With another suspender belt or a few changes to this one it could look awesome.
But the rest is a definite win for me. I love the bra and briefs. they fit well and look great.

I can't wait to see if there are any other future collaborations. 


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A haunting we will go with Erstwilder

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween

Lets just say i am a little excited about Halloween...
Not only do i love the dress ups, and all the fun. But every year it gives me the chance to add more amazing things to my wardrobe that i wear all year round. 

Each year i am very excited to see what new wonders the amazing people at Erstwilder have come up with for their Halloween launch.

This year i am ever so lucky to be able to share 4 of my absolute favorites with you, since it is launch day. 

Without further ado.. 

Trick or Treat necklace.

I am bewitched for sure. This necklace is just prefect. 
The design sits so lovely and the moon has such a glimmer to it.

Paired with my Collectif Dolores top and La Femme En Noir Southern Gothic skirt, it is just meant to be. 

Be Our Ghost Earrings

Friendly ghosts i am sure, they are so adorable and are a wonderful size. The acrylic has a wonderful marble to it that glints and shimmers. 

one can also not forget their bigger brother..

Ghostly Gary Brooch

Gary is made the same beautiful white with a wonderful red moon behind (well i think it is a red moon) prefect for haunting and generally running amok.

In this case i paired Ghostly Gary with my Vixen by Michelline Pitt Trouble Maker top and Ben Cooper Trick R Treat Vixen Swing Skirt. The colours are just perfect.

and finally the ever so classy

Cara the Halloween Kitty Brooch

I am so excited by Cara's colour makeover for this halloween. 
The back and white is just purrfect.

Yet again Erstwilder has delivered in spooktacular fashion. I will be wearing these little dears regularly Halloween or no.. 

For those of us who are trying to be a little dollar conscious, Erstwilder offer free international shipping on orders over $100 and over $50 if you are in Australia.

Happy Halloween my loves xx

Now which would have you liked to treat yourself with?


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What Katie Did + Sarsparilly = Swoon

I have always been naturally blessed with a very hourglass figure
Regardless of that, I have always loved corsets, ever since I was a little bity baby quirky Jasmine.

I have owned many over the years but have always had the issue of getting one that fit me well with my already very curvy shape, I love extreme curves and some of the first I ever owned that just fit so well off the rack, were my corsets I brought from What Katie Did.

Recently I was blessed to a part of a collaboration with What Katie Did and the amazing Sarsparilly so I was able to wear two of my all time favourite corsets and have some amazing pictures taken by the ever talented Suz Forrester Photography.

What Katie Did is a faux vintage lingerie brand from the UK. 

I have always lusted after What Katie Did underwear but being a plus size girl, I was anxious if it would fit. The corsets did of course but would anything else. Lets just say I was very happily surprised. it all fit so well.

The corset of course I knew would be amazing.

this is my baby the Vamp Corset – I think it is WKD's most extreme curve corsets. it has hip gores that help give more room in the hips, that way I can really reduce my waist without it being too tight on the hips or ribs.

I am wearing -
Maitresse Curve Bullet Bra, 40 F - £35
Maitresse Nouveau Deep Suspender Belt, UK 18 - £37.50
Maitresse Nouveau Deep Knickers, UK/AU 18  - £26.50
Vamp Corset, 32” reduced Waist Sizes - £169.50
Black Glamour Seamed Stockings, M/L - £10

The dress in the background is the stunning Violetta Jones dress from Sarsparilly.

Sarsparilly is an Australian based handmade clothing company that specialises in vintage inspired women's dresses with fun prints.  They have everything from classic florals to kitsch and pop culture reference prints.

I have a few of these amazing dresses and love them all. I even had two specifically made for me in Zelda inspired gaming prints for my trip to PAX Aus last year.

We styled it with some Red accents. This dress has a double layer skirt with a purple and white polkadot under layer. it is just darling and hugs my curves perfectly. 

Oh and it has pockets !!

I added some Red Glamour Seamed Stockings for a extra little red pop

 The second outfit was a much softer look, much like the previous set. I was very happily surprised with how well the underwear all fit.

I am wearing - 
Harlow Curve Bullet Bra, 40F - £35
Harlow Nouveau Suspender Belt, UK/AU 18 - £37.50
Harlow Nouveau Deep Knickers, UK/AU 18 - £26.50
Lily Corset, 30” Reduced Waist Sizes - £169.50
Blue Glamour Seamed Stockings, M/L - £10

The lily corset is slightly less curvy  than the vamp but still provides and amazing shape. It is just so soft and elegant.

The final dress is the absolute daring Sweet Sadie Dress

it is a super soft pink gingham cottom with the most adorable daisy detail on the waist and hem.

and you guessed it...POCKETS.. 
This dress made me long for a soft spring breeze and warm sun.

 I hope you will all agree with my title..

What Katie Did + Sarsparilly = Swoon...

every damn time 

Model: Me (Quirky and Curvy)
Photographer: Suz Forrester
Hair and Make-Up: Melinda Wenig

Other Pieces: 

Jewellery by Pzella Acessories
Beaded necklaces by Debstar Designs

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