Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What Katie Did + Sarsparilly = Swoon

I have always been naturally blessed with a very hourglass figure
Regardless of that, I have always loved corsets, ever since I was a little bity baby quirky Jasmine.

I have owned many over the years but have always had the issue of getting one that fit me well with my already very curvy shape, I love extreme curves and some of the first I ever owned that just fit so well off the rack, were my corsets I brought from What Katie Did.

Recently I was blessed to a part of a collaboration with What Katie Did and the amazing Sarsparilly so I was able to wear two of my all time favourite corsets and have some amazing pictures taken by the ever talented Suz Forrester Photography.

What Katie Did is a faux vintage lingerie brand from the UK. 

I have always lusted after What Katie Did underwear but being a plus size girl, I was anxious if it would fit. The corsets did of course but would anything else. Lets just say I was very happily surprised. it all fit so well.

The corset of course I knew would be amazing.

this is my baby the Vamp Corset – I think it is WKD's most extreme curve corsets. it has hip gores that help give more room in the hips, that way I can really reduce my waist without it being too tight on the hips or ribs.

I am wearing -
Maitresse Curve Bullet Bra, 40 F - £35
Maitresse Nouveau Deep Suspender Belt, UK 18 - £37.50
Maitresse Nouveau Deep Knickers, UK/AU 18  - £26.50
Vamp Corset, 32” reduced Waist Sizes - £169.50
Black Glamour Seamed Stockings, M/L - £10

The dress in the background is the stunning Violetta Jones dress from Sarsparilly.

Sarsparilly is an Australian based handmade clothing company that specialises in vintage inspired women's dresses with fun prints.  They have everything from classic florals to kitsch and pop culture reference prints.

I have a few of these amazing dresses and love them all. I even had two specifically made for me in Zelda inspired gaming prints for my trip to PAX Aus last year.

We styled it with some Red accents. This dress has a double layer skirt with a purple and white polkadot under layer. it is just darling and hugs my curves perfectly. 

Oh and it has pockets !!

I added some Red Glamour Seamed Stockings for a extra little red pop

 The second outfit was a much softer look, much like the previous set. I was very happily surprised with how well the underwear all fit.

I am wearing - 
Harlow Curve Bullet Bra, 40F - £35
Harlow Nouveau Suspender Belt, UK/AU 18 - £37.50
Harlow Nouveau Deep Knickers, UK/AU 18 - £26.50
Lily Corset, 30” Reduced Waist Sizes - £169.50
Blue Glamour Seamed Stockings, M/L - £10

The lily corset is slightly less curvy  than the vamp but still provides and amazing shape. It is just so soft and elegant.

The final dress is the absolute daring Sweet Sadie Dress

it is a super soft pink gingham cottom with the most adorable daisy detail on the waist and hem.

and you guessed it...POCKETS.. 
This dress made me long for a soft spring breeze and warm sun.

 I hope you will all agree with my title..

What Katie Did + Sarsparilly = Swoon...

every damn time 

Model: Me (Quirky and Curvy)
Photographer: Suz Forrester
Hair and Make-Up: Melinda Wenig

Other Pieces: 

Jewellery by Pzella Acessories
Beaded necklaces by Debstar Designs


Monday, May 8, 2017

The Nylon Swish Queen size stockings - Size and fit

Finding stockings that fit comfortably when you are a bigger size is honestly, well...
 there is no subtle way to say it... 
A total bitch

I am very happy to say that the new Queen Size stockings from The Nylon Swish are just what we asked for.

I am sure it is no surprise to anyone, that I am in love. They are the most comfortable stockings ever..
I pretty much wear them daily.

When you are unsure, I know it can be so hard to tell if they would fit, size charts can be confusing..

I thought I would share with you, a few of my stats and numbers.
That way you have an idea of my size and then what size stockings I wear. 

A comparison to help that size choice to be a little easier.

My numbers are -

Dress size - 18 (Aus)
Height - 5 ft 7 inches or 169cm
Upper Thigh Measurement - 30 inches or 76 cm
Inseam - 31.5 inches or 80cm

I am a mix of both bigger thighs and tall / long legged. 

This means the stockings have to stretch both up and wide. 
To find ones that fit, are soft, comfy are a total win.

In the Queen Size stockings from The Nylon Swish, I wear and buy a 2XL

They come in a large size range - from a Medium to a 4XL
On the size chart I am on the border between the XL and 2XL

I personally choose to wear the 2XL because I like my stockings very long..
I have long legs, and lets face it... chafing is real and very unpleasant..

In this size they sit very high up my thigh, all the way to the top. therefore covering the area likely to be effected by chafing..

Also basically I love the look of very long stockings so these are a big win 

These stockings are super soft, super stretchy so are very accommodating. 

They are a 20 denier Stocking so super comfy regardless of climate. I wear them in both hot and cold weather.

I know that trying to pick a size can be daunting.. 
Then often add the fact that stockings may be out of your comfort zone or something you have always wanted to try but all previous attempts have never fit..

Don't let that stop you, you deserve to feel sexy. 
Size or shape have nothing to do with it, they are just numbers...feeling sassy and sexy in stockings is for everyone.

Go forth and knock their socks off 


Friday, February 10, 2017

House of Satin Foundation Lace Braless Corselette review

 For many years now, finding a Corselette that fit and worked for my shape was just a dream.
They never worked, the bust never fit or if it did the waist was way to big..
Enter the House of Satin - Foundation Lace Braless Corselette

 House of Sain

House of Satin is a reproduction vintage lingerie brand from the UK,
They are part of a small group of British Companies that have been manufacturing handmade lingerie since 1943.

I have previously reviewed a few items from their old range, you can find that review here.
Since then, they have totally revamped their designs, look and products.

Needless to say I jumped at the chance to try out the new Braless Corselette. The fact I am able to get the look of a corselette but be able to wear my own bra... WIN

For those playing at home my Current numbers are - 

Bra - Depending on brand 38GG to 38I
Waist - 36 inches
Hips - 51 inches
Height: 5' 7" or 169 cms

I was sent the corselette in a 18 from their size range. We sized to fit my waist, the material has a good stretch so still fit the hips. For reference you can find their size chart here.

It is made from a Strong control fabric, which smooths and holds in really well but still has a good amount of stretch. It fits just under your bust over the bra band. The straps run up each side and sit alongside your bra straps. The back sits a little higher over where my bra band fits.

Fit wise on me, it was really quite good. The waist is a bit loose but not bad enough to effect fit. it stretched very well over my hips and didn't really dig in at the bottom. I was very happy with the look and silhouette it gave me, both with and without clothes.

The Corselette, has 4 detectable V straps (double) straps, so 8 clips in total. 
They are well positioned to hold the stockings in place. 

My one criticism of this is I would have not made the clips detectable. I just personally don't see the reason why. On the site they state it is so you can wear the corselette without stockings.

**Collapses in a faint....**
why people!! why would you not want to wear stockings!!

I am kidding of course, i can honestly say i will never wear it without stockings. The bottom of the corselette doesn't have any silicone grips etc so i am not to sure how well it would stay in place. I only wore it with stockings so can not pass judgement on the wear without clips. 

On the plus side.. the detachable straps does make the whole "bathroom" business a bit easier in this corselette. I just unhooked the two v straps at the back.. ta da done. It really only added about an extra 5 minutes.

I do have to say, i am a big sucker for the look of V or Y straps... 

so overall.. I am really happy with the Braless Corselette.

Coming in at £ 47.50 ($78 aud) it is very affordable.
The fit on me is great and the ability to wear my own bra and big plus. 
and it looks sassy as all hell..

Now if you do happen to have a bust size that fits into the size charts for House of Satin, i may have heard from a little bird that some brand new full corselette styles will be hitting their site soon. So keep your eye out for the new pretties.

So what do you think, is a braless corselette something that you have been needing??


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trusst Yourself - Review of Trusst Bras

So you may have noticed... i have a big bust... 
Shock horror i know ..

I have ever since i was a young teen. 
So i have chronic issues of neck pain, back pain, chafing, red welts from bra straps and bands digging in...
Underwires trying to kill you... with the metal stabby evilness....

Over a year ago i was intrigued by a Kickstarter that caught my attention right away.. 

Being the geek i am for tech and my obsession with underwear..
there was no way it was not going to look..

It was for Trusst Lingerie..
The brain child of co-founders Sophia Berman and Laura West

 They were approaching the bra from a entirely different way. A bra that wasn't just made for a big bust but was engineered for one. Approaching the 'Underwire' in a entirely different way. Trusst uses a 3D structure (the BAST system) that supports breast weight from under the bust. Based on architectural concepts of a truss and cantilever system. 

The concept of a bra that took the strain off my shoulders and moved it back to around the band on the bra and into the core, while being supportive grabbed me right away and i backed it immediately. 

Fast forward a year to November 2016...and it arrived.. 


Serious fan girling and gooey eyed lovey doveyness is about to ensue..

I was completely sold with the first try on.... dear god it was so so damn comfy. 
The fit was almost perfect.

After posting how much i loved them online... many times...the wonderful team at Trusst asked if i wanted to review the others as well, there was no way i was saying no.. 
I am seriously in love with these bras.

Okay, so let me tell you the details

First off my size.. 
My size varies depending on brand but typically i am a 38G to H.

For Trusst, i used the sizing calculator to help me workout my size. 
It came out as a 38I

A basic word on the fit is....DEAR GOD COMFY...No welts, no digging it..

So let me introduce you to the ladies.. 

Now a little FYI, all three bras are a very similar fit on me. so i will discuss the full fit details with the first and then any differences.

First the lovely
The Marjory..

The cups are a molded foam cup and they completely encompass the BAST system, you cannot feel it against your breast at all. In the below picture i am pointing out where the high point of the BAST system comes to on the cup. It is so cool, like a little shelf.

 The cups fit me very well. It completely encompassed my breast with no spillage or under arm bulge. I have quite close set breasts, so the center gore doesn't complete tack against my breast bone. But i am very happy to say it is minimal, it does not effect the comfort or fit and shape in anyway. 

Just a side effect of my boobies..

The shape under clothes is just awesome, on me it is a very lifted, rounded pointy shape if that makes sense.....hmm ok maybe not..You be the judge.. 

on its own..

Then with the clothes over..  
For the Marjory, the band was a perfect fit right away on me, it is a wide band with three hook closure on the back. The straps are lined, padded and it has a hook to convert to a racer back style if wanted.

All Three bras have the same lining, it is some form of magical super fabric. 
It is as engineered as the bra itself. 
The lining is GARMATEX Kottinu™ fabric, a high tech cotton-like fabric that wicks moisture and is antimicrobial.. 

oh boy did i put it to the test

I live in Sydney, Australia.. it is Summer now so basically..

But not a bit to be seen, i have worn all three of these bras on very hot days and then to my 3 hours of dance class, no sweat marks on my clothes or drips.. nor did the bra feel soaked after.


So now we have covered all the basics, the other two bras..

the Jessica is a limited edition style in the Trusst range

The fit is almost identical to the Marjory, the cups have a ever so slightly higher line on my bust. 
It is a beautiful Heather gray with black lace. 

The lower band and eyelash lace details gives a lovely long-line look to the bra. It has a 5 hook closure on the back. the band is super comfy and does not dig in at all like i get with some long-line styles. 

the silhouette under clothes and the support is just as good as the Marjory

and last but definitely not least the sassy and sexy 

The same amazing fit but with a gorgeous lace detail. The band on the Suzanne did run a little bit firmer that the other two. For me however this was not a problem. it still fit like a dream and looks amazing on. It has a three hook closure on the back.

Under clothes it is just as good as it's sisters..

a smooth clean line and shape without digging in at the back or shoulders. 

So a word on the all important figures..

The Bra's cost -

The Marjory - $82.00 USD 
The Suzanne - $88.00 USD
The Jessica - $98.00 USD

when you consider the cost of a good bra that is very comparable and honestly a price i would so again and did pay for this comfort. 

for non US based people, you have to add international postage on top of that but for those of us who are constantly on the hunt for that ever elusive bra that doesn't make you want to cry....

Yes soooo worth every cent.

So i am sure you are seeing the trend here.. 

I am completely smitten. I have my new go to comfy as all hell bra and i am head over heels...

Now the amazing ladies at Trusst, have given me a code i can share with you all so you can get $10 off your first purchase..

Just enter - QUIRKY10 at checkout 

Now the question, what do you all think, have you tired Trusst or do you want to???

Let me know in the comments 


Monday, August 8, 2016

Quirky unboxes ......Loot4Fangirls crate

I think we are all aware that i am a big fan of subscription crates.....
They are like little surprise presents of geeky looty goodness..

So when i heard that the amazing

were collaborating on a crate, a crate specifically curated for Women..

there was no way i wasn't getting it.

so i am happy to introduce the..Loot 4 fangirls Crate

 Now i am going to say right off the bat, when i first saw the news of the crate i had a...
Ohh yay... ohhh no moment.

I don't like the term fan girl and sometimes these crates aimed specifically at women can be total miss..

but i had trust in Lootcrate and Her Universe..

so who wants to see whats inside..

(psst... i also unboxed this on my you-tube channel you can go watch it here)

First item is the most anticipated... 

The Exclusive Her Universe 'Women of Marvel' Dress

It is so cute. It is a skater style tank dress in a stretch jersey style fabric.

I selected the 3xl and the size is actually a little big. definitely too big on my waist but at least it isn't super snug on my lady mountains.

The print on the dress is awesome. The ladies all look amazing. How they are positioned is perfect, a lovely detail around the bottom of the skirt.

 I have to say i love the dress :)

Next is the Star Trek Uhura Clutch Bag - A Crowded Coop

Okay i will admit when i first saw this i thought it was a makeup bag, and you know what i could be used as either so i think it is a valid guess.

I love the detail of the little Uhura and Enterprise charms with what can only be guessed are little Tribbles... so cute.

Next.. DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Mini Figure - Cryptozoic entertainment

Can i just say, OMG cute !!

Seriously she is freaking adorable.. I want them all

Borderlands Mad Moxxi Nail Wraps - Espionage Cosmetics

Nail wraps are always a win. These look super cute, i can't wait to try.

The Walking Dead Michonne / Carol Charm Wrap bracelet - Love and Madness 

This is super cute and honestly pretty bad ass. the charms are cute and look very good quality.

and finally an exclusive bonus

"Fangirls: A Coloring Book For Girls That Like Stuff" By Kate Cook and Ashley Eckstein - Her Universe Press

I have to say, i am such a weird ass mix of so many of these so i had to take pictures of some of the more relevant.. so get read for some of my many fandoms and geeky obsessions.

haha yep, that and pretty much all the rest of them in the book.. 

meh what can i say. i am a odd mix of a lot of odd things

and would have it no other way :)

So my verdict.....

I really liked it. I liked every item and was very pleasantly surprised. The dress was super cute and fit well. 

So i say WIN !!

Well done LootCrate and Her Universe.

Now if Her Universe could just get its stuff to Australia for me to buy without having to sell a kidney to pay for shipping that would be great....

what did you think of the crate??

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