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and the best way to describe me is 

I am a design and pin up obsessed geek girl from Sydney, Australia. 

I have very varied tastes and spend a bit of my time hunting things down that fit my style or the look i am trying to create for my house, clothes, craft... anything really. 

I spend way to much time on Pinterest, am slightly addicted to Gaming, have tattoos, avoid tanning at all costs. I dress mainly pin up / rockabilly with a little of the old goth poking through. 

The idea for this blog came about when i realised how much i get asked "where the hell did you get that from?"
I thought i might as well blog about it so everyone can find out and i can share the treasures i find and the designers who make them. 

I am also very curvy and plus sized. I know from experience how hard it is to find nice clothes that don't look like a sack or are covered in big ugly florals. Also finding that elusive bra that is perfect.

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My Life in Numbers

Dress size: 16/18
Shoes: 7.5 or 38
Bra size: 16G or 38G
Chest: 48.5 
Waist: 37
Hips: 50


  1. I love that you love Guild Wars 2.

  2. Yeah, i am quite obsessed and plan to do a post or two about it haha
    Do you play Eleanor?

  3. I do I do... well I did... I never have the time now. I bought it for the Mr for father's day. Then I played it whenever he went to work muahahha

  4. Gorgeous ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and VERY sexy.


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