Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Wants !! - The Valentines Edition.

Are you like me and you see something pretty and get the WANNNNTS....

(or maybe it is just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Anyway in responce to my magpie like attention mind for shiny things... 
i would like to introduce the new weekly feature of Wednesday Wants

Each week i will share three wants around a theme.

Exhibit A - That cost how much ?? o.O budget
Exhibit B - push but kinda bearable budget
and finally 
Exhibit C - hey that is well priced budget. 

so without further ado..

The first ever Wednesday Wants is in honour of finding something pretty to wear in the boudoir for Valentines Day.

Exhibit A

Dear god..... just look at it. It honestly takes my breath away a little. 
This gorgeous piece of vintage inspired so damn prettiness, is by the amazing Jane Woolrich and has solid black silk body with sheer black lace sleeves.

Can you just imagine it with a some sexy black lingerie and stockings underneath... uggghhhhh.

But at a cost of $795 USD 
it definitely comes in at the 'That cost how much ?? o.O' Category

Regardless so wannnts and if i happen to win lotto or some great great aunt who is loaded decides to leave me her fortune.. i would so be buying.

Exhibit B

This semi-sheer black silk georgette gown by Mary Green is just amazeballs. 
I want to have its babies. It is simply divine.
The soft flowing material which is ever so naughtily completely sheer would just float and entice

At a cost of $163 USD 
it is actually not that bad, a little bit of a stretch but honestly if they had my size i would own it.

Exhibit C

So not totally in the same vintage inspired style but still super pretty this gown comes in at a affordable $73 usd. 

Which out of those do you have the wants for?

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  1. Oh wow those dresses are beyond beautiful. I think I actually swooned xx

    1. I totally swooned. they are just stunning and i so wannnt them all.. haha

  2. The XY in me says it has to be noir C! But honestly, far & away, B wins. Perfect mix of class, glamour, & allure. B would never get old or overdone, no matter how many times you wore it.I have an old friend that I would love to get in to that! (I'm sure she'll read this! Lmao) 😆

    1. B is totally the winner, I completely love it. It is just so classically glamorous. haha good luck at getting her into it ;)


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