Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Royal Vintage Shoes - Susie Saddle Shoes Review

I have had a great love for pretty much all things 30’s, 40’s and 50’s for quite a while
and along with this come a great love for saddle shoes.
Then add in the fact I love to swing dance, it becomes a slight obsession.
So when I saw that the amazing Royal Vintage Shoes were making a saddle shoe,
I wanted it right away. I actually pre-ordered them.

The Susie Classic Saddle Shoes from what i have read are a direct reproduction of an original Spalding saddle shoe.

It has an all leather upper and tan rubber sole. The two tone leather is gorgeous.
I ordered the black and white but it is also available in Navy and White and Tan and white.
Honestly I want them all and had to make myself be very good and not order all of them.

I wear a size 7.5 and have quite a wide foot, with very high arches. So fitting shoes can be a little interesting at times. After checking with the lovely ladies at Royal Vintage, I ordered to size, so a 7.5. The waiting game then began.

When they arrived, I might of squealed with joy. They were even more gorgeous in real life.
So very well made and so very very comfortable right away.
The leather is so lovely. They will only soft more with time.

For reference, the shoes are 7.5. Externally they measure
The first time i wore them out, i walked in them for hours. No blisters, no rubbing.
Honestly they were so so very comfortable.

I have also worn them dancing. Again super comfortable.
The soles being a crepe rubber are a little to grippy for swing at first
but i am sure as they wear they will be even better.
They could however easily be sueded to make them slippy.

Needless to say I am totally smitten with these shoes,
how could i not be they are made with such love and detail.

Lauren and Abby, Ladies you did an amazing job.



  1. I have a pair I've been wearing a little over a year. Never a blister, and oh so soft! As any really good leather, it takes time for the break in. Once that is done, you will never want another.


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