Thursday, August 20, 2015

A little plus size Vixen - Arlene Dress by Voodoo Vixen.

For a long time, I lusted after Voodoo Vixen's range of dresses, they were just so pretty. When their Plus size range came out I was even more tempted. The plus size range is still a little limited but there are so very nice options so far.

Not long ago I finally took the plunge and brought the Arlene Dress from Caitlin at Closet Confessions Boutique

I was just drawn to the cute, the super cute neck line and material. 

I wasn't sure what size to grab but after researching the size chart previously, I went with a 1XL

For reference my measurements are 

Bust: 49 inches or 124.5 cm
Waist: 36 inches or 91.5 cm
Hips: 51 inches or 130 cm

 and the voodoo vixen size chart is

The plus size range starts from 1XL up to a 4XL

I decided to go with my waist measurement and hope that I would squeeze into the bust, if I went up the waist would have been way to big.

It turns out I made the right decision

The dress fit like a dream. It was very comfortable and while being a little firm on the bust it was not to squeezey or uncomfortable in anyway. 

The fact that the buttons down the front are faux buttons are my saviour there, if it did actually button up it would be a little more challenging fit. 

Regardless of that the neckline is just lovely, such a pretty detail. It adds flourish but is not too low or revealing. The cut of the arm holes is great, a lovely sleeveless cut which is not to tight and doesn't dig in. This will be perfect in summer but with a cardigan it works just as well for winter.

It has cute little pockets with a piping detail that mimics the keyhole neckline. 

But can we just stop for a second and revel in the word 'POCKETS'. I know it seems a odd this to be excited about but any lady knows, women's clothes with pockets are a god send.

The dress is made from a 95% Cotton, 5% elastane mix so the fabric is a nice weight with the littlest bit of stretch for comfort.

The print is a voodoo vixen in house design and is just darling. From a distance it looks like polka dots. However a closer view shows that they are actually little daisies.

What can I say I am not hooked.. I already have another two and I want all the other dresses... ;)

Do you own a voodoo vixen dress?

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