Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Framed... My New Glasses

Guess What???

I got new glasses 


I have worn glasses on or off since I was 8 years old. 
Let me tell you, some of the frames I had as a kid.... ohhh were they pretty..

Awww poor little Jasmine... they are so wonderfully bad 1980's

I now like to think that my taste in glasses has much improved.

They are mainly to help with eye strain. Considering the fact that my day job and a lot of my favourite past times are in front of a monitor, I tend to be in them a lot.

Whilst playing around on eBay recently I stumbled something awesome.
I have always had a soft spot for Cats Eye frames. They just are too cute

The problem I have is...I have a wide face.. 
So most vintage cat's eye frames make me look like a demented cross eyed Siamese cat. 

They are too narrow. 

So when i saw these on eBay and realised that they were wide enough, I thought 'what the hell', Hit Buy Now and crossed my fingers. 

The Result....

They worked !!! 
oh and  I got them in two colours

They are actually on eBay from a few different sellers but here is a link to one store that has both colours. I got them for about $20 a pair... so cheap.

They are light but durable plastic frames. My Optician easily added my prescription lenses

Here is a better look at both colours

The Black Gradient

The Red Gradient

So they are my new glasses, I love them so and they go well with my Rockabilly / Gothabilly look I try to rock most days

I also had new lenses put into my favourite chunky black Red or Dead frames, which i am sure you have all seen before.

Do you wear glasses at all? if so do you have more than one pair??

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  1. Love the new sassy glasses. I wear glasses when my eyes dry out from contacts, but they don't look like yours at all (mine are boring, average rectangle shaped ones.)

    And I also like your first image. Did you use a avatar generator for that?

    1. Thanks :) i am loving them so far. Yeah i did, it was with an app called MYOTee on my iphone, but i think it is on android as well. It is in Chinese i think but is fun and easy to work out. :)

  2. I do wear glasses! :D I absolutely love the red gradient ones. I have two pair, but one pair are RX sunglasses.

    1. Thanks, I couldn't help but get the red. Now I keep getting tempted by other colours as well. I am lucky that mine are just for eye strain otherwise my vision is great so I don't need RX sunglasses. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I am totally in love with them too <3 Thanks for the comment Lovely Lady

  4. LOVE these frames. It's amazing how good the right glasses can make you feel! I found the perfect pair last year. They have the traditional nerd/hipster shape, but are silver in the front and tortoise shell on the sides.You can kind of see them in this picture: http://puregeekery.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/nicole.jpg


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