Monday, May 8, 2017

The Nylon Swish Queen size stockings - Size and fit

Finding stockings that fit comfortably when you are a bigger size is honestly, well...
 there is no subtle way to say it... 
A total bitch

I am very happy to say that the new Queen Size stockings from The Nylon Swish are just what we asked for.

I am sure it is no surprise to anyone, that I am in love. They are the most comfortable stockings ever..
I pretty much wear them daily.

When you are unsure, I know it can be so hard to tell if they would fit, size charts can be confusing..

I thought I would share with you, a few of my stats and numbers.
That way you have an idea of my size and then what size stockings I wear. 

A comparison to help that size choice to be a little easier.

My numbers are -

Dress size - 18 (Aus)
Height - 5 ft 7 inches or 169cm
Upper Thigh Measurement - 30 inches or 76 cm
Inseam - 31.5 inches or 80cm

I am a mix of both bigger thighs and tall / long legged. 

This means the stockings have to stretch both up and wide. 
To find ones that fit, are soft, comfy are a total win.

In the Queen Size stockings from The Nylon Swish, I wear and buy a 2XL

They come in a large size range - from a Medium to a 4XL
On the size chart I am on the border between the XL and 2XL

I personally choose to wear the 2XL because I like my stockings very long..
I have long legs, and lets face it... chafing is real and very unpleasant..

In this size they sit very high up my thigh, all the way to the top. therefore covering the area likely to be effected by chafing..

Also basically I love the look of very long stockings so these are a big win 

These stockings are super soft, super stretchy so are very accommodating. 

They are a 20 denier Stocking so super comfy regardless of climate. I wear them in both hot and cold weather.

I know that trying to pick a size can be daunting.. 
Then often add the fact that stockings may be out of your comfort zone or something you have always wanted to try but all previous attempts have never fit..

Don't let that stop you, you deserve to feel sexy. 
Size or shape have nothing to do with it, they are just numbers...feeling sassy and sexy in stockings is for everyone.

Go forth and knock their socks off 


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