Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What Katie Did + Sarsparilly = Swoon

I have always been naturally blessed with a very hourglass figure
Regardless of that, I have always loved corsets, ever since I was a little bity baby quirky Jasmine.

I have owned many over the years but have always had the issue of getting one that fit me well with my already very curvy shape, I love extreme curves and some of the first I ever owned that just fit so well off the rack, were my corsets I brought from What Katie Did.

Recently I was blessed to a part of a collaboration with What Katie Did and the amazing Sarsparilly so I was able to wear two of my all time favourite corsets and have some amazing pictures taken by the ever talented Suz Forrester Photography.

What Katie Did is a faux vintage lingerie brand from the UK. 

I have always lusted after What Katie Did underwear but being a plus size girl, I was anxious if it would fit. The corsets did of course but would anything else. Lets just say I was very happily surprised. it all fit so well.

The corset of course I knew would be amazing.

this is my baby the Vamp Corset – I think it is WKD's most extreme curve corsets. it has hip gores that help give more room in the hips, that way I can really reduce my waist without it being too tight on the hips or ribs.

I am wearing -
Maitresse Curve Bullet Bra, 40 F - £35
Maitresse Nouveau Deep Suspender Belt, UK 18 - £37.50
Maitresse Nouveau Deep Knickers, UK/AU 18  - £26.50
Vamp Corset, 32” reduced Waist Sizes - £169.50
Black Glamour Seamed Stockings, M/L - £10

The dress in the background is the stunning Violetta Jones dress from Sarsparilly.

Sarsparilly is an Australian based handmade clothing company that specialises in vintage inspired women's dresses with fun prints.  They have everything from classic florals to kitsch and pop culture reference prints.

I have a few of these amazing dresses and love them all. I even had two specifically made for me in Zelda inspired gaming prints for my trip to PAX Aus last year.

We styled it with some Red accents. This dress has a double layer skirt with a purple and white polkadot under layer. it is just darling and hugs my curves perfectly. 

Oh and it has pockets !!

I added some Red Glamour Seamed Stockings for a extra little red pop

 The second outfit was a much softer look, much like the previous set. I was very happily surprised with how well the underwear all fit.

I am wearing - 
Harlow Curve Bullet Bra, 40F - £35
Harlow Nouveau Suspender Belt, UK/AU 18 - £37.50
Harlow Nouveau Deep Knickers, UK/AU 18 - £26.50
Lily Corset, 30” Reduced Waist Sizes - £169.50
Blue Glamour Seamed Stockings, M/L - £10

The lily corset is slightly less curvy  than the vamp but still provides and amazing shape. It is just so soft and elegant.

The final dress is the absolute daring Sweet Sadie Dress

it is a super soft pink gingham cottom with the most adorable daisy detail on the waist and hem.

and you guessed it...POCKETS.. 
This dress made me long for a soft spring breeze and warm sun.

 I hope you will all agree with my title..

What Katie Did + Sarsparilly = Swoon...

every damn time 

Model: Me (Quirky and Curvy)
Photographer: Suz Forrester
Hair and Make-Up: Melinda Wenig

Other Pieces: 

Jewellery by Pzella Acessories
Beaded necklaces by Debstar Designs


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