Friday, February 10, 2017

House of Satin Foundation Lace Braless Corselette review

 For many years now, finding a Corselette that fit and worked for my shape was just a dream.
They never worked, the bust never fit or if it did the waist was way to big..
Enter the House of Satin - Foundation Lace Braless Corselette

 House of Sain

House of Satin is a reproduction vintage lingerie brand from the UK,
They are part of a small group of British Companies that have been manufacturing handmade lingerie since 1943.

I have previously reviewed a few items from their old range, you can find that review here.
Since then, they have totally revamped their designs, look and products.

Needless to say I jumped at the chance to try out the new Braless Corselette. The fact I am able to get the look of a corselette but be able to wear my own bra... WIN

For those playing at home my Current numbers are - 

Bra - Depending on brand 38GG to 38I
Waist - 36 inches
Hips - 51 inches
Height: 5' 7" or 169 cms

I was sent the corselette in a 18 from their size range. We sized to fit my waist, the material has a good stretch so still fit the hips. For reference you can find their size chart here.

It is made from a Strong control fabric, which smooths and holds in really well but still has a good amount of stretch. It fits just under your bust over the bra band. The straps run up each side and sit alongside your bra straps. The back sits a little higher over where my bra band fits.

Fit wise on me, it was really quite good. The waist is a bit loose but not bad enough to effect fit. it stretched very well over my hips and didn't really dig in at the bottom. I was very happy with the look and silhouette it gave me, both with and without clothes.

The Corselette, has 4 detectable V straps (double) straps, so 8 clips in total. 
They are well positioned to hold the stockings in place. 

My one criticism of this is I would have not made the clips detectable. I just personally don't see the reason why. On the site they state it is so you can wear the corselette without stockings.

**Collapses in a faint....**
why people!! why would you not want to wear stockings!!

I am kidding of course, i can honestly say i will never wear it without stockings. The bottom of the corselette doesn't have any silicone grips etc so i am not to sure how well it would stay in place. I only wore it with stockings so can not pass judgement on the wear without clips. 

On the plus side.. the detachable straps does make the whole "bathroom" business a bit easier in this corselette. I just unhooked the two v straps at the back.. ta da done. It really only added about an extra 5 minutes.

I do have to say, i am a big sucker for the look of V or Y straps... 

so overall.. I am really happy with the Braless Corselette.

Coming in at £ 47.50 ($78 aud) it is very affordable.
The fit on me is great and the ability to wear my own bra and big plus. 
and it looks sassy as all hell..

Now if you do happen to have a bust size that fits into the size charts for House of Satin, i may have heard from a little bird that some brand new full corselette styles will be hitting their site soon. So keep your eye out for the new pretties.

So what do you think, is a braless corselette something that you have been needing??


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