Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Skulls and Leather

Outfit of the Day 

It has been a while since i share an outfit of the day and when i wore this last week i just had to grab some snaps.

I know the pictures are very dark sorry.
I wear a lot of black and seriously need to clean my mirrors 

My Make up for the day was pretty basic, 
if you would like to know the actual products let me know.

the breakdown of the outfit is: 

Boots - Duo Boots - Hartman Black Leather Knee High Boots

It is summer here but we had a little spell of cooler days so i was able to wear my new outfit.

This Sweater is seriously awesome. I am so in love with it.
It is super soft, fits my curves like a dream and has extra long sleeves with a little thumb hole.
I will be so getting another one of these as i am thinking it will wear it alot

 I had little difficulty getting a picture of the skirt on me 

This is an image of the skirt from City Chic.

I would like to note that their lovely model is very tall (178 cm)
So at my 169 cm height it sat very nicely around my knees

The material is not stiff at all and has a very nice weight and flow to it.
It fit really well and has a nice wide waist band = no digging in YAY

The cut outs are super cute and it does have a second black layer so no worries about flashing skin.

My kitty kat wanted to be in the picture too so kept photo bombing me 

The boots omg the boots..

So i have big calves ! it is a given, regardless of my weight i have always had bigger calves.
and when i have a size 7 (38) foot. it is pretty much impossible to find boots that fit.

Until i discovered DUO boots
(i may now have three pairs of boots from them)

Basically they do boots with Custom Calf width. So you pick your size and your calf width. 

When they had a sale recently, i used it as a chance to grab a lovely pair of flat buckled knee high boots

 The ones i chose are the Hartman. A flat soled buckled knee high boot. They are a shorter knee high which worked perfectly with the look i wanted

It is leather outer and Fabric lined with a rubber sole and cushioned insole.

So so amazingly comfortable and fit perfectly. I am seriously in love with these boots

For anyone who had trouble with boots fitting there calves be they bigger or smaller, it is definitely worth giving DUO a look.

Do you have a favourite pair of boots??

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