Wednesday, March 19, 2014

~ Taking Stock - march ~

Well hello,

It's been a while.. you know life getting in the way of the fun stuff..

(Unless you follow me on instagram for my endless stream of selfies) 

I thought I would take part in Taking Stock to catch you all up :) 

Here we go..

Making : A quilt for my new little nephew who is on his way 
Cooking : Tonight - Thai Red Curry for dinner but other than that not enough...must stop buying take out.. must stop buying take out..
Drinking : Today - Red Bull Zero and  Pot of T2 Buddha's tears.
Reading: Novels - Bitter Greens - Kate Forsyth (For Geek Bomb Book Club) and Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop ; Graphic Novels - The Hollows, Serenity, Vampire Hunter D 
Wanting: More time to do the things I love. ohh and a new wireless gaming mouse ;)
Looking: At my computer screen, obviously... :P
Playing: Games - Guild Wars 2 (as always), Neverwinter, Elder Scrolls Online beta, torchlight 2... the list goes on.
Deciding: if I should start studying again.... hmmm tricky
Wishing: Teleporters actually existed, I miss my sisters who are overseas. 
Enjoying: The start of the cooler weather.. Sorry I am a cold weather person
Waiting: On the weekend..they go too fast !! 
Liking: having bright red hair. Such a change from my old black
Wondering: If I can manage to fit in a small break from work this year... I am guessing no
Loving: Mon Amour as always <3
Pondering: If I can justify building a new gaming machine....Probably not but a girl can dream, right ?!
Considering: buying some more Ewa Michalak Bras... just got my first order and OMG they are perfect. If you guys want to see a review let me know.
Watching: Nagi no Asukara, Grand designs (again), Origin:Spirits of the Past
Hoping: I am able to make time to get a new exciting project going and that it is a hit
Marveling: at my ability to distract myself from what i should be doing..
Smelling: I hope not ... o.O
Wearing: My new favourite necklace ever from the amazing Debstar Designs , it has a knuckle duster on it for goodness sake !!
Following: most recently Diablo Rose- her hair styles and tutorials are awesome. Be sure to follow her on instagram
Noticing: my serious lack of storage space.. 
Knowing: That my last tattoo session for my new big one is very soon and I am so excited for it to be done, so I can share it with you all
Thinking: I need to do some more creative things.. I miss my hand crafts I used to do
Feeling: Tired... for something new and different haha
Admiring: Mon Amour's ability to pull his whole gaming PC apart trying to fit a second hard drive that doesn't fit.. square peg + too small round hole = Face Palm, me laughing and dear god I hope it still works after this. (Yes he is doing this as I type and yes he is swearing at it.)
Sorting: Not enough obviously - this is illustrated by my floordrobe and lack of storage as it is all full of crap
Buying: more pretty panties and stockings from Hips and Curves... it may be a bit of an addiction now.
Getting: A new couch hopefully..
Bookmarking: images and ideas as reference for a certain sisters baby shower
Disliking: pretty much everything about our stupid government, I didn't vote for.
Opening: a new packet of tim tams when i really shouldn't be
Giggling: at my friends online I game with. They always make me laugh when we are playing
Snacking: on Passionfruits, I seem to have a never-ending craving for them at the moment
Coveting: The new Steel Series Siberia Elite headset... want want want
Helping: whenever I can... "be the change you want to see in the world"
Hearing:  Music - loving Clairy Browne and the banging rackettes and Vampire beach babes at the moment

Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes - Love Letter



  1. Heya, just thought i'd stop by and let you know I've really enjoyed your stylish, sassy and gif-ful posts! You're well cute :) keep it up!


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