Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's 2014....

and guess who's back


Well hello there lovely people... it has been a while..

After many things just getting a bit to much at the end of the year and a long time between holidays...
 I was completely exhausted, needed to prioritise

Something had to give.. well a few things did and the blog was one of them
Soo.. it is one of those things... life happens

it is now 2014

so I thought I would share with you some highlights of my very chilled holiday season and a few things I am seriously looking forward to in 2014..

My Christmas and New years break was so so needed and very very chilled

With pretty much all my gorgeous family being in other counties for Christmas and Mon Amour's family working. We decided to have little Christmas at home with my little family.

I decorated my whole house as usual

Ate lots of yummy food and got presents

& wonderful Skype chats with my lovely family overseas

New years was super quiet
Both Mon amour and i were poorly so we chilled at home and got our game on

And that was about it...

So what am i looking forward to in 2014 so far...
 - Meeting my new little Niece or Nephew.. My gorgeous sister Jess is having a baby YAY
you can follow her adventure at her awesome blog 'A Heart Full of Frost'

- Seeing, hugging and possibly never letting go of my beautiful sisters and their families who live in the US and Canada when we go to visit at the end of the year

- A White Christmas 

- More gaming adventures

- Having my new tattoo finished and then being able to officially show you all 

- something else with my look that is a secret...shhhhhhhh

- another year of adventures with my amazing man

and much much more..

It is a little late but,

Happy 2014 Beautiful people

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