Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bored, drinks, bored, party... ohh pretty dress.

That pretty much sums up my last week

I had to travel to a software conference for 3 days for work..

People always assume conferences in tropical locations are all

Party Party Party

but other than the odd fun times with some great people,
it is more like....

Kinda Bored

 trying to look interested but bored

Ohhh look foood !!

Ohhh look...Drinks...

I am awake and not hung over i promise ...bored

screw it i give up...zzzzzzzz

all around i had a good time, did the whole networking thing and learnt stuff...

I did also (to entertain myself purely) capture what i wore each day and i thought i would share it with you all.. 

Day 1


Shoes - Basic Black Ballet Flats

Day 2


Dress - Suzy Parker Dress in Black and Red from Hell Bunny (3xl)
Tights - 3/4 Tights from Target
Shoes - Basic Black Ballet Flats

I can not 100% remember where i got the dress from 
but i get all my other Hell Bunny items from Ruff n Ready - make sure to check them out on the Website and Facebook

Conference Dinner Outfit


This dress is seriously Ohh My God comfortable.. Fits like a dream and the material is lovely. Has a bit of a stretch but firm enough to shape.
The shoes i love and have written about before here

Day 3

The YAY i get to go home day !!!


Top - Sourpuss Vavavoom Top (2xl) - Previously reviewed here
Shoes - My Very Old and much loved Converse All Stars

Being the day i flew home and was out partying for a little too long the night before it was comfort all the way.
Th jeans fit like a dream, firm but not tight. the waist is just high enough so i have no back gap and covers love handles.

Now i am home.. the best place ever !!

I shared all of these on my BeauCoo page and Instagram as each day passed

Much Love xx

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  1. Those gifs are awesome--especially Flight of the Conchords. Oh my gosh, I miss them . . .
    And you look fabulous! Rock those curves, girl!

    1. thanks lovely lady :) i miss them too, i randomly get the bowie song stuck in my head all the time..

  2. All of those outfits are gorgeous!


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