Sunday, January 28, 2018

Styling in the rain with Elements Rainwear..

When one lives in a city as rainy as Vancouver, you need a good rain coat…
Well you need many good raincoats..

When I knew I was moving here I started to look for a raincoat that would not look ridiculous with my swing dresses and skirts. I wanted to be able to still dress up but be protected as possible from the rain.

I stumbled upon a post from Elements Rainwear and it looks pretty much what I was after. I jumped on their website I placed an order and crossed my fingers.

Now I will be completely honest, the website is a little confusing. While it is awesome that you can order your coat in so many variations of Vinyl colours and thickness. The issue I had was there was no really clear description on what any of them were. So I fumbled along as best I could and ordered the Romantica coat in Semi Clear.

The Coat was £64.20 (GBP) with postage to Canada it came to £88.78.
Not the cheapest raincoat but it was worth a try. I had not seen any other rain coats like it.

This coat is a just over knee length with a full swing skirt and belted waist. For reference i am 169 cm tall and the coat hits me under my knees.
I chose to have a hood as it is definitely needed here, but you can choose for it just to have a collar. There was also an option for pockets. As they are made to order in many cases it took a little while to arrive so take that into consideration if ordering.

When it arrived I was very impressed with how well it was made. The joins are all very clean and clear. The cut is lovely and the full skirt is just the right length on me that my skirt stays dry.

I ordered a 3xl and it fits well. it is roomy enough i could wear a coat underneath. It is also not tight at all on the arms, which i was concerned about.

You need to be a little careful with it and make sure it dries properly but I have had no issues with the vinyl sticking together as of yet.

Overall I have been very happy with the fit of the coat, it sits well and the skirt has enough fullness that it would cover, even if I was wearing a full petticoat. I do wish the belt was a little more substantial but think one provided does the job.

If I was buying again, I would still go with the cut I chose. I would however order a more opaque or decorative vinyl. Just something with a little more detail. I am though, very happy with my order and it shall be keeping me dry for while to come.

How do you protect yourself from the rain when in pinup?


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