Thursday, August 8, 2013

This is where i blog

This week the wonderful Jess from A Heart full of Frost 
(who is also my little sis) 
posted about where she blogs from, so i decided to share as well.

This all started with Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim. You can join in by telling me in the comments or you can post on instagram using the hashtag Chantelle started #whereiblog.

I predominately blog at my pretty red desk, which is also where i design and game. It is right next to Mon Amour's desk so when we are both gaming we are in the same room. 
Awwww geeky gaming love..
(yeahhh.. no photo of his desk because it is such a messy boy desk)

I am watched over by my two little Portal turret protectors and a drawing of my sister and i when we were itty bitty by the amazing Eleanor at The Elm Tree

I have been known on many occasion (like this very second in fact) to blog from work as well, in my break of course..

I know, i know i do have a very random collection of things on my desk at work. 
What can i say....I like to decorate

now the question is.... where do you blog from... or where do you read your blogs from?


  1. Gaaaah! You have the cutest work desk ever. Are those momoji dolls?

    Now following you :)

    1. Aww thank you and welcome :)

      Yes they are, i have about 18 on my desk at work with a few other toys (mario mushroom, two Totoro plushies and a yoshi) and everyone thinks i am a little mental.. but i am happy with that :)


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