Friday, August 2, 2013

Do you know what day it is???!!

Do you know what time it is

Its is the bestest time of the week

Friday Night Baby !!!!!

So in honour of it being friday i thought i would show you my friday night in pictures (and bad selfies)

Here we go..

Before i left work i might of drunk these...

I caught my train home 

Grooving to this

Pink - So What

Danced around my kitchen 

Listening to mr Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie - Dragula

Made a Thai Red Curry for dinner while munching on Blueberries

May have raided my decanters for a drink or two
(yes i collect decanters and yes they are almost all full of fun)

Mmmmmmm Boozey fun = Vodka and Sparkling Apple juice

Which i enjoyed greatly

And then had another...

And now i am full and have another drink and am getting my game on..

Getting up to mischief on Guild Wars 2 with good friends

Happy Friday Beautiful People

What are you doing tonight??



  1. Oh my goodness... What am I doing?? Nothing as cool as what you are doing.

  2. Feeling a tad boring now... going to fight my way home through a very sticky London and go unpack a decanter or two!


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