Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The best laid plans of mice and men....

We all have those grand plans of stuff we are going to do over the weekend.

The mystical 2 days that go forever and you can do all the stuff you need to and still be ready for work on monday morning

Ok maybe it is just me and i am delusional.

Anyway i had grand plans for the past weekend..
-  I was going to photograph and post about at least one of the new amazing clothing hauls i got recently
- I was going to write up a few other things
- I was going to clean my house
- I was going to fix up the plants on my little balcony
- I was going to have fun gaming with my friends
- I was also going to try and kick ass at Archery.

But NOOOOOO, What did i do..

I spent the whole two days and yesterday in bed, feeling ever so poorly with a mystery flu. 
So here is the grand total of what i actually did..

I would be totally lost without my tech when i am sick. my life totally revolves around internet and devices usually but even more so when i am unwell

so i

Watched three whole seasons of different anime shows back to back on Crunchyroll 

At first on the longue in a blanket nest using the Crunchyroll app on my Xbox360

And then from my Ipad in bed when i needed to lay down (which was pretty much the whole weekend)
PSN seriously needs a Crunchyroll app for the PS3 in Australia (they do have one in the US), then i could have used the tv in my bedroom instead. 

I caught up with my gorgeous sisters via webchat 
btw....this is an old image of us chatting because,
 yeah there was no way i was capturing my sick, mopey, in bed face i had going on over the weekend.

I read a whole book on my kindle
currently reading the Gena Showalter - lords of the underworld series, 
(gotta love my obsession with paranormal romance)

and i slept
thats it, thrilling hey. it actually sounds quite nice if i didn't feel like hell the whole time

I am back at work today feeling nasty but at least i am upright

what are your favourite technology items for when you are sick??

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  1. Movies. My phone and Im a gamer too. And of course reading. Hope you are feeling better

  2. Hope you're feeling better by now. I'm pretty crook myself, and still trying to go through my to-do list. :/ The joys of being an adult!

  3. Aaah, bummer! Hope you ffeel better by now :) When I'm sick, a Gameboy (or any handheld gaming device) is my best friend. Along with books and children's movies.


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