Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nothing to Prove..

I like to think i stay pretty chilled about things. 
Peoples prejudice baffles me at the best of times. I just don't understand how one can be full of such hate.
One of the reasons i worked for a human rights charity for years. 

To be totally honest over many times in my life i got used to being looked at in sidelong glances..... 
hey there goes the (insert any of the below and many more)
- weird girl
- walking boobs
- the goth girl
- her hair is 'that' colour
- how could she ruin herself with those tattoos
- the witch
(yes i have had someone once quote 'thou shalt not suffer a witch too live' at me when i was 17. 
Yay for small town rednecks)
- the geek girl
- the 'fake' geek girl

It is the last one that makes my blood boil. From a culture of people who have often been excluded and are proud of being different, how is it ok to classify someone as 'fake' because they are a girl. 

My parents raised me to be proud in who i am, always encouraging me to be true to myself no matter if my style, music choice or actions baffled them at times. They never tried to make me be 'normal' or asked me to act differently.

Anyway. this post is not for me to rant cause my god i could go on for years..

I saw this last week and had to share.

Nothing to Prove - The Double Clicks

Damn right i have nothing to prove. I am who i am. I do not have to justify my likes or wants to anyone so

I am a girl, a geek, a nerd, a gamer, a archer, a sister, a girlfriend, a daughter, i take way too many selfies, I play more games than i should, I shop to much, i love tech, i blog, i am so so many things that all sum up to one thing really...

I am Me

The lyrics to 'Nothing to Prove' say it all really

I entered this scene through rejection and honesty 
Nerds weren't mean, they were weird and that worked for me 
After 10 years of teasing when social skills failed me 
Dungeons & Dragons cured all that ailed me 

We read books, we played games, we made art, we watched Lost 
We said things like "D20", "shipping" and "Mana cost" 
It felt good to be myself, not being mocked 
Still self-conscious, though, we whispered things about jocks 

But one day, you grow up, come into your own 
Now geek's not rejection - it's a label I own 
Then ignorant haters come to prove me wrong 
Tell me I'm not nerdy enough to belong 

I've got nothing to prove 
I've got nothing to prove 
I've got nothing to prove 

Fake Geek Girl test - that's a funny one, go ahead 
How many comic books are there I haven't read? 
I know it feels good to have a contest you win 
It would feel even better if I wanted in 

So women aren't geeks, so is that your conclusion? 
That this is some secret club based on exclusion? 
12-year-old dorks would say you're being selfish 
And then they'd go write in their journals in Elvish 

I've got nothing to prove 
I've got nothing to prove 
I've got nothing to prove 

I've got cred but honestly, I shouldn't need it 
This world needs all kinds of folks to complete it 
You've got gamers, and artists and comic subscribers 
Cosplayers, crafters and fan-fiction writers 

You can stop - never say "fake geek" again 
Our club needs no bouncers - all who want in get in 
But go ahead, if you want, to own that role fully 
I ain't got nothing to prove to a bully! 

I've got nothing to prove 
I've got nothing to prove 
I've got nothing to prove

Haters are gonna hate

It does always make me roll my eyes at how shocked some guys are when they find out you are a girl when playing online. My Gamer Tag is pretty generic so could be any gender but i usually play girl characters and really what the hell does it matter.

There has been a ton of great commentary about this in the online environment lately so it is worth a look. If you want any specific examples let me know

Be who you are and be proud xox

Rant over now.. i promise :)

Much love to you all xoxox



  1. Yes. I have always been a geek. I wore glasses at school and was teased cause I wore my skirts longer in the era of the mini. But you know, as you said I've got nothing to prove. And I was always me and I don't think I cared what people thought. And I have always been proud of you and your individuality. You are a truly special person, my beautiful Jasmine. Xx

    1. aww you are so cute mummy :) Both you and daddy taught me to love who i am xox

  2. Whaaaaat. This is such an awesome song!! The little girl with the bug on her face!!
    As a geek who was raised by a trek brained geeky mother - I have always actually felt more judged by other geeky girls... I joined the anime club at uni (yeah yeah) and only one of the girls there would be friends with me (she was super hot and none of the other girls were nice to her either)
    I think girls need to get used to the idea that there are a lot of equally awesome geek girls out there (and they aren't all out there to steal your geeky boyfriends!)

    Also your dad's hair is SO AMAZING in that photo. And you are a babe.

    1. Seriously how cute is she, i had problems with girls as well. As a gamer i know girls get a lot of hate in fps games. it just makes on sense. Idiots the lot of them.

      haha i know right how wicked was it, he had the best hair

  3. Oh and did you ever watch Video Game High School on youtube? The new season is up and I love it. You totally would have been in mmorpgs with Kyle and my brother... (mages)

    ... Tragically I think I would have been in rhythm gaming hahaha.

    1. i have a bit but i want to see more and yeah i so think i would have been too lol


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