Tuesday, April 16, 2013

52 Lists - Style Icons

My sisters will agree with me, we are a family of list makers..

From detailed excel spreadsheets for event planning to serious to do lists
it is just what we do

So with that in mind, i am sure there is no shock when i tell you i have decided to join in the fun with the amazing Pip at Meet Me at Mikes 52 lists project. 

My gorgeous sister Jess from a heart full of frost takes part every week and it looked like fun. 

Creating a list of my style icons is quite tricky..

We all know i do have a very mixed but unique style, the best way i can think to describe it is GgRG...

That stands for a lot Girly, a little dash of goth, a whole lot of Rockabilly and Geek

What do you think does that fit?

So here is my list..

It is a mixed list and there are so many other people that should be on there but i ran out of space. I am not sure how much my list really should be icons as a mix of eras. 

Either way it was a lot of fun to put together

Who are your style icons?



  1. Funny I grew up seeing my mum and aunties wear those clothes - they are so curvy and girly arent they? love your blog

  2. you my dear are the personification of style x


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