Friday, February 1, 2013

Yo...Four Eyes..

Wow i heard that a lot when i was 8.

It never really bothered me to be honest cause my parents said that i could always take my glasses off and the person who said that would always be ugly (great advice i think)

I got glasses for the first time when i was 8. There is nothing really wrong with my ability to see or focus, I had a single weak muscle and after trying to work out why i always had my head tilted in pictures they realised i might need to wear glasses for a while.

I had some truly spectacular 80's glasses going on. 

an example of such...

Ain't they fabulous, they had white lace and flowers set into the acrylic and took up 80% of my face.. Bahahahahahahahahahaha NOT..


Needless to say i was very happy when i hit high school and they said that i didn't have to wear them all the time, only if i felt i needed too..

Now days i still wear glasses, I can see almost perfectly without them but they mainly help the fact i sit at a computer for most of my days, They barely have much strength but enough to help stop eye strain and the UV coating to help stop glare from the screen. 

These are my old glasses..

They fit well but i started to feel they needed reviewing. My eyes had to adjust a bit after i took them off.

Recently i had my eyes checked again and found that my eyes doing fabulous and i got some new spiffy (slightly weaker) glasses..

I went to Specsavers and got the great 2 for 1 deal..

and i love them.

The first pair i got are Red or Dead ( a UK Brand)

They are super comfortable, have cute wooden arms and fit my geeky lifestyle so well. I think they look good on me. 

(sorry for the bad webcam photos)

Look at the super cute little Union Jacks on the wooden arms. 

My second pair are Gok Wan
I wanted a slightly cats eye shaped pair that did not make me look like a slightly cross eyed siamese cat.

Again they are very comfortable and have a really lovely shape. They will go very well with usual attempt to channel a slightly geeky Mad Men style with daily work wardrobe.

I plan to take some much nicer pictures soon but i wanted to share my finds. 

I created a Follow Me on Pinterest board purely around my love of glasses and that they can look hot :) You should pop by and have a look, it is called 'Smart Sexy - Glasses Love'

Do you wear glasses??



  1. Love the new glasses, they are both gorgeous!

  2. I like the second pair especially.
    I just got my eyes tested again so I could replace the googles the toddler broke. I basically got the same glasses twice only one pair has bigger lenses... but they are both tortoise shell patterned... then I realised that my sunglasses are just the same too... only with tinted lenses. Shame.

    1. There is no shame is having a pair that works for you as sunglasses too. My sunnies tend towards the uber large 50's starlet style so yeah would never work as glasses..


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