Monday, February 4, 2013

got them blues...

Every year since 2011 it starts in January...

After the bustling busy time of Christmas has passed, I find myself listening to the Blues a lot more..

In February it gets worse and gets mixed with other songs from when I was a kid..ones my sisters will recognise right away and will probably be listening to at this time of the year as well..

This beautiful man loved music so much and we miss him like hell, everyday..

My Daddy (who left us in late Feb 2011) and I used to listen to the blues a lot together. We were so alike in so many ways..

My sisters and I all have such a strong love of music that is from Daddy and Mum. 

So my song of the week is...

John Lee Hooker - Annie Mae

Enjoy and smile...

I know dad is grooving away up there with some amazing artists..

Why don't you pop over to my sister Jess's blog and share your song of last week..


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