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Trusst Yourself - Review of Trusst Bras

So you may have noticed... i have a big bust... 
Shock horror i know ..

I have ever since i was a young teen. 
So i have chronic issues of neck pain, back pain, chafing, red welts from bra straps and bands digging in...
Underwires trying to kill you... with the metal stabby evilness....

Over a year ago i was intrigued by a Kickstarter that caught my attention right away.. 

Being the geek i am for tech and my obsession with underwear..
there was no way it was not going to look..

It was for Trusst Lingerie..
The brain child of co-founders Sophia Berman and Laura West

 They were approaching the bra from a entirely different way. A bra that wasn't just made for a big bust but was engineered for one. Approaching the 'Underwire' in a entirely different way. Trusst uses a 3D structure (the BAST system) that supports breast weight from under the bust. Based on architectural concepts of a truss and cantilever system. 

The concept of a bra that took the strain off my shoulders and moved it back to around the band on the bra and into the core, while being supportive grabbed me right away and i backed it immediately. 

Fast forward a year to November 2016...and it arrived.. 


Serious fan girling and gooey eyed lovey doveyness is about to ensue..

I was completely sold with the first try on.... dear god it was so so damn comfy. 
The fit was almost perfect.

After posting how much i loved them online... many times...the wonderful team at Trusst asked if i wanted to review the others as well, there was no way i was saying no.. 
I am seriously in love with these bras.

Okay, so let me tell you the details

First off my size.. 
My size varies depending on brand but typically i am a 38G to H.

For Trusst, i used the sizing calculator to help me workout my size. 
It came out as a 38I

A basic word on the fit is....DEAR GOD COMFY...No welts, no digging it..

So let me introduce you to the ladies.. 

Now a little FYI, all three bras are a very similar fit on me. so i will discuss the full fit details with the first and then any differences.

First the lovely
The Marjory..

The cups are a molded foam cup and they completely encompass the BAST system, you cannot feel it against your breast at all. In the below picture i am pointing out where the high point of the BAST system comes to on the cup. It is so cool, like a little shelf.

 The cups fit me very well. It completely encompassed my breast with no spillage or under arm bulge. I have quite close set breasts, so the center gore doesn't complete tack against my breast bone. But i am very happy to say it is minimal, it does not effect the comfort or fit and shape in anyway. 

Just a side effect of my boobies..

The shape under clothes is just awesome, on me it is a very lifted, rounded pointy shape if that makes sense.....hmm ok maybe not..You be the judge.. 

on its own..

Then with the clothes over..  
For the Marjory, the band was a perfect fit right away on me, it is a wide band with three hook closure on the back. The straps are lined, padded and it has a hook to convert to a racer back style if wanted.

All Three bras have the same lining, it is some form of magical super fabric. 
It is as engineered as the bra itself. 
The lining is GARMATEX Kottinu™ fabric, a high tech cotton-like fabric that wicks moisture and is antimicrobial.. 

oh boy did i put it to the test

I live in Sydney, Australia.. it is Summer now so basically..

But not a bit to be seen, i have worn all three of these bras on very hot days and then to my 3 hours of dance class, no sweat marks on my clothes or drips.. nor did the bra feel soaked after.


So now we have covered all the basics, the other two bras..

the Jessica is a limited edition style in the Trusst range

The fit is almost identical to the Marjory, the cups have a ever so slightly higher line on my bust. 
It is a beautiful Heather gray with black lace. 

The lower band and eyelash lace details gives a lovely long-line look to the bra. It has a 5 hook closure on the back. the band is super comfy and does not dig in at all like i get with some long-line styles. 

the silhouette under clothes and the support is just as good as the Marjory

and last but definitely not least the sassy and sexy 

The same amazing fit but with a gorgeous lace detail. The band on the Suzanne did run a little bit firmer that the other two. For me however this was not a problem. it still fit like a dream and looks amazing on. It has a three hook closure on the back.

Under clothes it is just as good as it's sisters..

a smooth clean line and shape without digging in at the back or shoulders. 

So a word on the all important figures..

The Bra's cost -

The Marjory - $82.00 USD 
The Suzanne - $88.00 USD
The Jessica - $98.00 USD

when you consider the cost of a good bra that is very comparable and honestly a price i would so again and did pay for this comfort. 

for non US based people, you have to add international postage on top of that but for those of us who are constantly on the hunt for that ever elusive bra that doesn't make you want to cry....

Yes soooo worth every cent.

So i am sure you are seeing the trend here.. 

I am completely smitten. I have my new go to comfy as all hell bra and i am head over heels...

Now the amazing ladies at Trusst, have given me a code i can share with you all so you can get $10 off your first purchase..

Just enter - QUIRKY10 at checkout 

Now the question, what do you all think, have you tired Trusst or do you want to???

Let me know in the comments 



  1. I so thrilled to come across your story! I too have the same problem with the bras I have. I have been searching for a long time for one that is pretty, comfortable, and durable. Just by looking at how they fit you I can see the relief. I want to order one. I just may order all three! So happy you found them or they found you and now Im here. My alternative is my husband offered to carry them around for me all day! Ha

  2. Hi there; thanks for an awesome review - these do look stunning on you; I'm inspired! How have these bras fared in terms of wear and washing(assuming by hand?), over time? Has the internal structure not separated from frame, etc?
    I look forward to your reply!
    Regards; Jackie


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