Monday, August 8, 2016

Quirky unboxes ......Loot4Fangirls crate

I think we are all aware that i am a big fan of subscription crates.....
They are like little surprise presents of geeky looty goodness..

So when i heard that the amazing

were collaborating on a crate, a crate specifically curated for Women..

there was no way i wasn't getting it.

so i am happy to introduce the..Loot 4 fangirls Crate

 Now i am going to say right off the bat, when i first saw the news of the crate i had a...
Ohh yay... ohhh no moment.

I don't like the term fan girl and sometimes these crates aimed specifically at women can be total miss..

but i had trust in Lootcrate and Her Universe..

so who wants to see whats inside..

(psst... i also unboxed this on my you-tube channel you can go watch it here)

First item is the most anticipated... 

The Exclusive Her Universe 'Women of Marvel' Dress

It is so cute. It is a skater style tank dress in a stretch jersey style fabric.

I selected the 3xl and the size is actually a little big. definitely too big on my waist but at least it isn't super snug on my lady mountains.

The print on the dress is awesome. The ladies all look amazing. How they are positioned is perfect, a lovely detail around the bottom of the skirt.

 I have to say i love the dress :)

Next is the Star Trek Uhura Clutch Bag - A Crowded Coop

Okay i will admit when i first saw this i thought it was a makeup bag, and you know what i could be used as either so i think it is a valid guess.

I love the detail of the little Uhura and Enterprise charms with what can only be guessed are little Tribbles... so cute.

Next.. DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Mini Figure - Cryptozoic entertainment

Can i just say, OMG cute !!

Seriously she is freaking adorable.. I want them all

Borderlands Mad Moxxi Nail Wraps - Espionage Cosmetics

Nail wraps are always a win. These look super cute, i can't wait to try.

The Walking Dead Michonne / Carol Charm Wrap bracelet - Love and Madness 

This is super cute and honestly pretty bad ass. the charms are cute and look very good quality.

and finally an exclusive bonus

"Fangirls: A Coloring Book For Girls That Like Stuff" By Kate Cook and Ashley Eckstein - Her Universe Press

I have to say, i am such a weird ass mix of so many of these so i had to take pictures of some of the more relevant.. so get read for some of my many fandoms and geeky obsessions.

haha yep, that and pretty much all the rest of them in the book.. 

meh what can i say. i am a odd mix of a lot of odd things

and would have it no other way :)

So my verdict.....

I really liked it. I liked every item and was very pleasantly surprised. The dress was super cute and fit well. 

So i say WIN !!

Well done LootCrate and Her Universe.

Now if Her Universe could just get its stuff to Australia for me to buy without having to sell a kidney to pay for shipping that would be great....

what did you think of the crate??



  1. After your review I have to admit I'm very tempted to buy this for my wife, but I have one question how accurate was the size chart? My wife is a bigger girl so I'd hate to buy it if the dress didn't fit and she would feel fat(she's not).

    1. it was pretty accurate and very stretchy. my waist sits at about 35 inches at the moment. I got the 3xl and the waist is if anything too big. if i was ordering again i would get the 2xl but i am happy with it :) hope that helps

  2. I know this is a million years later but I found this post on google image results trying to show someone the Star Trek bag— and I wanted to comment and say that I 100% use mine as a make up bag, not as a clutch purse!


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