Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Unboxing and Review - Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones.

So over a year and a half ago I backed a project on Indiegogo for these cool but odd looking headphones. 

They were cute and had Cats Ears..... of course I had to get some.

image from here

It was all just concept art at that point but they looked awesome.

After a few delays and set backs they were finally shipped out to us a year later that first told.

I was super excited when I received mine, I just had to share it with you. 
Be warned, this post is very image heavy. I just had to take tons of pictures.

As expected I ordered the red, how could I not..

The box was just lovely, I am always a sucker for pretty packaging.

The cover art is as good as expected with artwork by the designer of Axent wear Yuumei 

The headphones came in a Protective Hard case for you to store them after, and came with a postcard and the usual instruction booklet. 

and now the headphones themselves in their case 

In the box they came with the hard case, a detachable gaming mic, 4 foot detachable 3.5mm headphone cable (with inline controls) and a USB recharging cable.

they have the ability to play sounds as normal for you through the ear cups but you can also share what you are listening to through the speakers in the cats ears... pretty cool

More importantly how do they look and are they comfy.....

the answer..... KAWAII!!

I love them, they are super cute and they are comfy.

The accent lights in speakers in the ears and the red bands on the ear cups light up and are controlled separately to the sound from the external ear speakers.

With the lights on, the red is more an orange which is a little disappointing. it still looks really cool though so I am still happy.

the ear cups have a 20Hz-20KHz frequency response, 32 Ohm impedance and 40mm drivers. The sound is good, I listen to music a lot and my tastes are very varied. I have tried these with music ranging from Classical to Metal and have been happy with the sound. I have also used them gaming on multiple occasions and had the same result. 

The overall shape is just awesome, they are also not too heavy. The ears are fully articulate so you can wear them flat on your chest when you have them around your neck

They have a very comfortable over ear padding that was cushioned to help with noise reduction and fit. I have worn them for extended periods and they were not too tight or squishy on my ears. 

The controls for the external speakers including volume are on one cup, with a separate control for the accent lights. The other cup has the plug holes for the Audio cable, the USB for recharging and the boom mic.

With a closer look at the cats ears, they are well made and sturdy. The sound from them is pretty decent and what you would expect from small speakers. The car ear speaker audio is 200Hz - 18KHz frequency response with 32mm drivers.  

 so my overall thoughts, I am super happy I got a pair right away from the Indiegogo backer rewards. it was worth the year and a half wait. 

The mix of practicality and total kawaii is just perfect.

They are now available to buy from Brookstone for $149.00 USD.
which for over-ear headphones that can be used as a gaming headset is quite affordable

They come in Red, Blue, Green and Purple. 
I love my red but now i kinda want all the other colours as well just cause..... 

 so what do you think, would you rock some Cats Ear headphones?

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