Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My New Glasses - Red Baron from Sneaking Duck

I am not sure I am the only one but I really dislike picking out glasses at the store.
Unless I have someone with me, I just spend the the whole time pretty much like this..

I just feel awkward, don't trust the staff at all 
can anyone guess someone might of had some bad childhood glasses experiences...

Duh duh DAAAAAA...

Ohh the horror... 

haha they are so 80's. I think they are actually bigger than my whole face and had white lace inlaid with little flowers..

So when I recently needed some new glasses, I decided to give Sneaking Duck a try.

Sneaking Duck is a on-line glasses store based out of Sydney, All of the glasses are designed in Sydney, beautifully made and such a high quality.

They also have the amazing option to be able to Try at home..... Seriously how awesome is that..
From the comfort of your home or desk, you can go on-line and select 5 frames to try at home..

In not too long those frames will arrive on your doorstep and in your hot little hands to try. They also have a virtual try on service for people outside of Australia.

I am based in Sydney so the frames arrived extremely fast for me.

So I popped on-line a picked 5 frames that sparked my fancy to try on. There is no obligation to buy, and the amount of time given to return them is more than sufficient.

These are the frames I picked 

On the day they arrived I actually did a periscope live stream of me trying them on so my followers could see. You can watch the stream below to see all the frames on. The chat does not come through on the saved scopes, so I am not talking to myself.... this time..

All in all it was a little hard to pick they all had their strong points.. But pick I did

I returned all of the frames to Sneaking Duck and then placed the order for the ones I wanted on-line.

The team there were super helpful, My lenses were a little different from normal and they were easily able to accommodate that. I just ordered, emailed through my Prescription and PD.

They have all of the information on the site what you need to supply.

In total they came to $180 
which is so well priced and I should get all of that back from my Health Fund

When they arrived they were soooooo cute.. I will admit, I am a total sucker for cute packaging..

It was all wrapped up so pretty and OMG....... it had a little black rubber ducky..

Its sooooo cute, and adorable and kawaii and just nawwwwww

it even squeaks !!

Ok..... ok...... Glasses... you were talking about glasses Jasmine..

The Frames I chose were the Red Baron

They were just so comfortable, I liked the look on my face and the colour..

I think it is obvious by now I have a bit of a thing for Red.

They arrived Safe and sound, the case they come in is a hard case and very durable. 
More importantly they feel great both on my head and vision wise. I wore them for a few intensive gaming sessions over the weekend and they were perfect.

I guess the questions are, Do I love my new glasses..... Yes
and more importantly, would I use the service again..

 the answer is

Yes definitely. It is all the actual fun or picking new glasses without the awkward store feeling. I also did love how the frame designs were all a little different. Not a whole wall of the exact same damn thing just in a slightly different shade of brown.

Sooo.. my question for you, Which ones would you pick?

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