Friday, October 2, 2015

Ayana Print Bra review from Plus Size Bras

I am always on the look out for new affordable, comfortable and pretty bras. No matter how many i have, more is always welcome.

Finding something that fits all those criteria can be few and far between.  When the wonderful people over at Plus Size Bra's offered to send me a set I could not resist. 

Their range is great, there are so many pretty items and so well priced.

I chose the lovely Ayana Print Bra and Panties.
It was slightly away from my normal colour preferences but it was so pretty I just wanted to try.

The Ayana Print Bra is a lightly padded full cup contour bra. 

With that in mind I went for my usual size a 18G. G is the highest cup in this bra.
When it arrived the cup was a bit too snug for the shape so I returned it for a 20G which is pretty much spot on

For reference my numbers are 

Bust: 49 inches or 124.5 cm
Waist: 36 inches or 91.5 cm
Hips: 51 inches or 130 cm

The bra was super pretty, the fabric was soft and silky satin style finish with black lace details on the side of the cups. It has a black powermesh back with a 3 x 2 closure.

the cup is a full coverage so pretty much completely covers the breast. It provides a pretty decent rounded shape with a slight point and is nice and supportive.

the front gore sits nice and flat against my breastbone.

The fit of this bra on me was good. I was a little worried with the full padded cup as i have had others of those before that have not worked and caused the dreaded "quad boob" 

But once i got the correct size for me in this bra it was good. the fit under the arms was nice and the underwire did not dig in.

I usually prefer a 3 or more hook closure at the back but the two is sufficient. 

the shape of cups provide under clothes is great. a lovely softly pointed rounded silhouette.

The Panties were a good fit also. I ordered these in a 20 to accommodate my bubble butt and hips

The Ayana Print Brief is a full cover briefs.

The front panel is made of the same satin as the bra, the back a soft black stretch fabric with a cotton gusset. The lace detail on the front is very sweet without being too overdone or too girly. The fit was very comfortable. They do not ride up or down or dig in. 

With the Bra costing $39.90 AUD
and the Briefs $15.95 AUD

making this set at  is also so very well priced and affordable.

I do believe then this is a set that checks all three boxes for me

Pretty - Yes
Comfortable - Yes
Affordable - Yes

While the print and colour is a little out of my usual comfort zone, I really like it and am glad it gave it a try.

What colour or print is out of your comfort zone?

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