Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday Wants - Sunglasses

I don't know about the rest of you but here in Sydney it is pretty damn sunny all year around. So sunglasses are always a must. I am always on the hunt for new pretty ones. So here are a few I have found.

Exhibit A

Dita - Heartbreaker A

I came across these a few days ago and just loved the simplicity of the design. 

They are by Dita Sunglasses.
They are a statement cat-eye sunglasses with black frames featuring thin arms and bridge  plated in 18-carat gold with Gradient grey UV protected lenses.

Whilst I love the basic simpleness of the the style, 
at a cool $505.22 USD ($662.60 AUD)..I just can't.

Exhibit B

I really like this design, again lovely and simple. A classic cats eye shape but with a lovely little silver detail.

The frames are made of acetate with UV lenses.

Coming in at a cool $269 AUD, they are much more affordable, while still being a premium product.

Exhibit C

Again these have a really lovely classic shape, I really love the thinness of the frame.

They are a plastic frame and a UV lens as well.

At a wonderful $19.50 these are a absolute steal.

My Verdict, there is no way, as much I love them, I would ever pay over $600 for sunglasses. I am also a sunglasses killer so I would have to say that this week... C would win hands down. I really like B but I know I would destroy or lose them in a few days. Now excuse me while i go buy my new sunglasses.

What one caught your eye? 

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  1. Those Dita ones!!! I want them, but I can NEVER justify spending any more than $25 on sunnies.


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