Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wednesday Wants - Trench Coats

I know for most of you, you are still playing in the snow and over winter. For me down here is Australia, i am rejoicing that summer is almost over and hopefully it will start cooling down

I know... I know
 I am one of those weird cold weather people

So it is around now that I start looking into coats. 
So I though I would share a few wants.

Exhibit A

Dita Von Teese - VIP Trench Coat

When I first saw this trench i fell in love with the shape of it. I wear a lot of circle skirts or full skirted dresses and the flared bottom of this would be just prefect. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Dita's Designs. I like the clothes, love this trench and very much dislike the lingerie. 

It is constructed with the outer fabric being 100% cotton twill weave. Coat is fully lined with 100% silk crepe de chine with a tulle layer for shape.

I still every Autumn as it is starting to cool, lust after this coat. 
but at a cool $500 USD ($640 AUD)..

I just can't, crossing fingers it goes on 60% off. 

Exhibit B

This Coat pretty much ticks most of the boxes on what i want in a trench. The Collectif offering of coats have been getting better and better each year.

This coat is not as full a swing as the VIP trench but would still accommodate a full skirt well. It has the classic trench styling, a double breasted mid length trench. It is made of a Cotton outer and Polyester lining.

It is currently out of stock in black but at a $90 GBP ($176 AUD) it is very well priced for a well constructed winter coat.

Exhibit C

So this is a little shorter than the others but The MAC coat from ASOS still has that classic trench styling. 

Much like above, it is double breasted, belted and made of a cotton with polyester lining. It does not have a swing style bottom but being shorter it would accommodate. 

My Verdict, I seem to have a trend happing in these posts. It would have to be B. I prefer the longer length of A and B. 

What one caught your eye? 

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  1. I'm a cold weather bunny too! You can always get warmer, and the fashion is so much radder. I love the collectif coat! <3

  2. Ooh I like these, I find it difficult to find coats that fit me properly :(


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