Sunday, February 15, 2015

Whats in the Box - Loot Crate Jan 2015

I am first to admit I am a sucker for subscription boxes.

The excitement of having no idea what you will get but it is likely to be all sorts of awesome.

So i just couldn't help but sign up for Loot Crate. The combination of a box that fulfils my need for the subscription box wants and it is full of Geeky gloriousness.... had to be a win right..??!

I have been receiving my Loot Crate for a while but wanted to start sharing the awesomeness contained inside..

So I present the contents of the Jan 2015 Rewind Themed loot crate.
(yes I know this post is a little late but meh I was busy)

I was quite happy with the contents of this months crate. The selection was cool with some really nice good quality items..

The Box was retro themed of course, like an NES console. 

The little Loot Crate Magazine as usual is full of an outline of what is in the crate, some stories and other tidbits

And can i just say....DEAR GOD I WANT TO WIN A MEGA CRATE!! 

This months crate contained a T-shirt which was the awesome exclusive to Loot Crate
Voltron Blueprint T-Shirt from Flophouse

I am pumped about this one, the super cute exclusive 10-Doh figures
There were 6 possibilities and I managed to get a Firefly themed one. 

The stunning Retro Arcade Skinny Tie from Black Tie Geek.

Now this would be a perfect gift for that Tie wearing geek in your life. 
Really well packed, beautifully made. This is no novelty tie. It is high quality and i am waiting for them to launch so i can grab some more.

Cute little 8-Bit Glasses

I am a stationary nut so i love this one.
 The Comic Note Book from Unemployed Philosophers Guild.
It has panels and stencils for dialogue bubbles etc

And finally an exclusive Star Wars Comic book from Marvel

Now I get to sit and wait ever not so patiently to see what is in Next Months Loot Crate...

If you want to join in the fun you can by clicking here

What do you think of this months crate?

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  1. Ohh! Awesome! I keep debating about subscribing, but haven't yet, I may just have to.


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