Thursday, August 28, 2014

Geeky wants lust list - August 2014

I admit it... I shop a lot online.. 

But I also see a lot of things that I want but am good and don't get.or i just can't afford

So I thought I would share my top 10 Geeky items I have lusted after this month. 

without further ado... 

1. Zelda Handcrafted Bag from Geeky U
No why needed... just look at it

I would totally just wear this as a regular dress, not as a cosplay or costume. it is stunning.

I currently use a Steel Series GW2 Sensei Gaming Mouse and do really like it. The number and combo of buttons (9 in total) works well. I really like the idea of the ability to go wireless.

I tried Wildstar when it first came out on a 7 day trail and really liked it. I have been putting off buying it for ages now mainly because it has a monthly subscription. After playing a great free to play MMO with Guild wars 2 i just have difficulty making myself pay a monthly subscription.

Holy morph balls, it is Samus Aran !! 
only reason needed... it is awesome 

6. Pacific Rim Figurines -
- from Big Bad Toy Store

Pacific Rim had such a great look, the design of the monsters and Jaegers was stunning. 

The Gipsy Danger action figure is a massive 18" tall, it features all new deco, weathering and battle damage from its skirmishes with the Kaiju. 
Gipsy also includes a brand new Plasma Cannon right arm that lights up and swivels! 
Figure also features LED lights in the head and chest! 

The detail on the Knifehead is just amazing.. it is 17" H x 14.5" W x 20" L 

7. My Neighbour Totoro Music Box - from ThinkGeek

I have wanted this for ever and it is always out of stock 

I am a big fan of the Anime Bleach. I already have a replica of Ichigo's Bankai Zanpakutō - Tensa Zangetsu, that i was able to get at Supernova earlier this year. 

Unfortunately I didn't get Rukia's sword and I would love to have this one to make a pair. 

9. Serenity - The Big Damn Replica - from QMX online

why do i want this....

Because you can't take the sky from me...!!!

and finally 

10. Loki...


LOKI.. Enough said

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  1. OH! I want that Totoro statue! :D

  2. I want the Tardis dress …now I need to plot to make something similar.


  3. That TARDIS dress is lovely! It's pretty different from all the others I've seen!

  4. The Tardis dress, wow. Also I would like my own Loki too please ; )


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