Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Instagram Wrap Up - April 2014

 Instagram Wrap up - April 2014

For those who may have not already noticed I take quite a few selfies and Instagram is one of my obsessions. 

I decided that I might as well do a Instagram wrap up each month so you can see some of the Odd adventures and mischief I have been up to and \ or many many pictures of my face....

Some of the events that happened in the month of April 

My Birthday
A few drinks and dinners out
Introduced my new half sleeve tattoo to the world
My sisters baby shower (we over catered again..)
Some new makeup to play with 
(let me know if you wants to see more about it)
New FX contacts
Anzac Day
and a Trip to the family farm (where i grew up), 
that we affectionately called "The Gog" 


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