Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Well colour me happy..

I am not sure it is just me but i think we all have those moments when we go......

I want new hair damn it. I want bright colour.........wantttssssss !!

I have a Pinterest board full of hair wants... called Hair Lust

image from here

I have done this many times throughout my life and did again very recently after being one solid colour for quite a few years. 

My hair has been black (or some variation of it) for so very long.. I am not 100 % sure what my natural colour is. 
I am sure it is quite sad I have to go back to a picture of me when I was about 5 for my natural hair colour.

by the looks of that I am thinking medium to dark brown

My Recent Hair Before.

I decided to go Black and Red.
Being black for quite a while it is very hard to strip to a light colour to get the red to show brightly. For those of you who do not know in many cases when you try to bleach black or very dark hair, it does not go bright blonde. It first goes a dirty yellow, orangey colour. In my case that would be all the black dye..
That is the main reason i went with a red colour.
It just works better.
(and goes with 90% of my clothes)

So off i traipsed to my favourite hairdressers Doppelganger Hair who are beyond awesome, i didn't know exactly what i wanted but had 100% trust that i would love whatever they did.

I got to sit and chat to them for a few hours with a seriously bad case of foil head

Thanks to Alex i now have awesome colour

As you can see the colour has brightened up after a few washes and a touch up.

The red is a mix of Poppy and Pillarbox red from Directions La Riche which Doppelganger sells.
I am touching up with Pillarbox.

It will only get brighter as i go back to get my hair done again and i may add a few more blocks but for now i am very happy with it.

So now for my tips for dealing with bright or dark coloured hair

 - Dark coloured towels are a must. They will end up whatever colour your hair is. Mine end up a dark purple from the black and pink from the red.

- If you go to sleep with wet hair - add dark coloured pillowcases to that list.

- If you work out don't be alarmed if the sweat from your head is coloured slightly the same as your hair at first.

- If you want to keep that lovely bright colour you will have to touch up. Buy a few tubs of your colour so you can top up when it is getting a bit washed out

- When you are touching up i would recommend getting a tint bowl and lots of clips so you can section your hair and keep it up off your skin. I have grabbed these from priceline recently

- If you are like me and get hair dye all over your bathroom (or in my case my white bed - that is what i get for sleeping with wet hair) i have one product for you...

This stuff is god send and will get the red i splatter everywhere off the floor, sink and all over.


I would love to hear any tips you have or if you have any questions please do ask...



  1. agree Glumpton is king in the cleaning world, I thought I was the only other person under the age of 60 to know that

  2. It looks amazing!! A friend of mine just stepped down from dark to full blonde - via a month long stint as a ranga - I'm orange at the moment (well kind of) but I'd love to try going black. I always worried as it never seemed very easy to come back from.

    1. Thanks gorgeous :) i think you would look great with black but yeah it can take a bit to grow out. it can be lightened though just takes a bit of time :)


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