Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stupid cold....

Well it finally got me...

After a month or so of feeling a little off I finally got a damn cold...
My god it is doozy...

I have been bed bound for almost a week and am still far from 100% but i am back at the grind today with a large quantity of medication. 

It did however make me think about how we all have our own little comforts or habits we do when we are sick.

This was my view for most the the last week. 

Laying in my big gorgeous bed, under my favourite linen
(don't worry a post is coming about those very soon)

I watch way too much Anime usually.. 
All i can say is lord bless Crunchyroll - one of the best anime video services about..

 This time the shows mainly consisted of InuYasha (not in CR unfortunately), Bleach and Hiiro No Kakera

it is pretty much all i watch when i am sick for some reason..

My sick comfort food is mainly chicken soup, my mum always made us soup when we were kids and it stuck

I also usually crave fruit that is high in Vitamin C like oranges and passion fruit.

the main other thing i could say other than reading a lot is of course sleep... lots and lots of sleep

What are your favourite ways to rest and get better when the dreaded cold hits??



  1. Anime is so totally the best way to get better. My go to media when I'm sick is definitely cheesy 80s/90s films. And Labyrinth.

    I had a virus earlier this cold season and I just drank lots of hot drinks - ginger,garlic,lemon,honey,mint,whatever and also fizzy... because whenever we were sick dad used to let us drink sprite all the time. No matter what kind of sick we were. So it's like this magical juice now. But with kids I now have a whole new appreciation for my mum because whenever I get sick it just makes all of life miserable because there is no time to sleep and get better. I'm getting the cold that everyone else has had too so I think I might take a page out of your book and hit up my brother for some anime.

    1. lemonade is seriously the best stuff when sick. My Man always wants lemonade and Sausage Rolls when he is sick. I totally get what you mean about the appreciation for your mum. If you do get sick and need a 48 hour blast of anime i might have a guest pass for crunchyroll kicking around. let me know :)

  2. honey - get a flu shot - it seems to work for me. Hope you are better. I think bed and movies if im sick


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