Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brown paper packages tied up with string..

It is all about the preparation, right??

so i might of brought myself a new sewing machine recently (it will be delivered this week ** insert excited squeee noise here**)

(a sneaky peek... i will post more pictures and details when it arrives) 

I decided it was about time i invested in some decent sewing scissors that would last..

All my others have been on the cheap side.. and they always get mixed up with normal scissors.. so end up trashed and blunt.

I have been lusting are the Merchant and Mills products stocked at Vintage and Nostalgia Co for so long, it was definitely my first stop. 
Other than looking like the sewing gear your grandma had, the store is full of so so many lovely things. In this case i limited myself to new sewing equipment. 

It arrived just how a package should.. brown paper... twine.. pretty label... so lovely :)

 Inside it was packed as just as well. 
Honestly... i order so much stuff online, it is the little details like this that make me remember a store and go back again

Ok Jasmine..... enough of ranting over the postage packaging... !

Here the detail of my order

again with the packaging... i was in heaven seriously..

They are so nice.. the size is wonderfully big but they fit very well in your hand.
They are nice and heavy and the quality is evident the moment you hold them. They cut like a dream..
Like any good sewing shears.. these bad boys will be stay well clear of paper or anything other than fabric.. they are sure to last a lifetime..

I needed a nice little pair of scissors for detail work and tailoring. These cute little buttonhole scissors i got in place of tailors points.

They are again such good quality, feel nice and look classic. 
The most important thing is they cut well, with power, even at the tips.
A must to get those tricky little spots

A few mixed Sewing Notions...

The needles and tailors chalk are pretty standard needs for sewing. I decided to stock up while i was placing an order.

The Entomology pins are prefect for those fine fabrics you are worried about pins catching on or leaving holes in. 
They are so fine and tiny.
The enamelling ensures they stay rust free and last the length of time. 

The only thing i will have to be careful of is not losing them on my dark wood floors..

 So when my new machine arrives i will have no excuse to stop me from starting to sew up a storm..

do you have any crafty projects in the works at the moment?



  1. Oh I can't even say how jealous i am!

  2. oh those things look so cool - love them

  3. Oh my! Now I know where I'll buy my sewing equipment next time! I simply adore those cute packages, so neat!

    Indeed I do have projects in the works (I always have, too many for my own good). Now I'm on holidays, but in my apartment a smooth Batwoman inspired cocktain party dress is waiting for me to return~

    1. They are stunning hey :)
      I know what you mean i always have too many things on the go at once. Can't help it.. Ohhh the dress sounds very cool.. good luck :)

  4. Thanks :) I got the idea when I made my Batwoman costume, and tried wearing nothing but the cape (don't ask). I wated for like forever to get the right fabrics, and when I did I went home on Holidays! But at least I'll have something to do when I get back ;)


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