Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Because kate said i should..

So today was one of those days where it was finally cold enough to wear my new boots. Thank god for Autumn. I am so not a summer person

My friend Kate said i should share my outfit for today with you all. 
So here i am :)

Be warned many bad selfies ahead..
(was to lazy to dig out my dslr)

Don't you just love a work elevator selfie.. hahaha

This is my outfit for the day
The breakdown is:
Cardigan: Target i think
Belt: Simple Skinny Tan belt that came with this jumper from ASOS
Tights: Basic Black Tights - target again i think
Boots: Duo Boots  - Marcelle Tan Nubuck 

The dress is super comfy and such soft material. It is a little shorter than i would usually wear but since i will mainly wear it with tights it is fine.
In this dress i got it in an 18. I could have gone with a 16 i think but i like having a little bit more room.
I would usually wear a belt so it fits into my waist a little better.
The collar and keyhole is so cute and such a nice little detail. 
Very work appropriate not showing too much chest. 
The sleeves are slightly puffed cap sleeves and actually fit my arms.

The boots are a god send....

For anyone with bigger calves and small feet. Duo Boots does custom calf width... YAY
I will be doing a post in the next day or so on Duo so keep your eyes peeled for all the details.

All i can say is HEAVEN. So comfy and they FIT  

So that was my outfit for the day..

What is your favourite boots combo outfit at the moment?



  1. I so love your boots and your look

  2. I have never been able to find boots that I fit for that very reason. I will be looking into Duo boots!!


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