Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Girly Road Trip....

Just like Thelma and Louise....

Well without the whole going of a cliff thing and the picking up Brad Pitt thing... and a lot more antique and vintage shopping...
so nothing like Thelma and Louise then..

we did however listen to the Horrorpop's who have a song with that line :)

On the weekend The Gorgeous Mrs Moore of Debstar Designs and I went for a Girly Road trip of vintage shopping, loud music and yummy food to the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

It was a lovely mountains day (well we loved it, since it was cold and misty and serene)

ohhh and can I live here plllleeeaaaaseeee..... 

We had so much fun driving around chatting and stopping at every op shop and vintage store we passed.. here are my finds for the day...

I got this gorgeous little vintage 1970's Ingrid Ball Picnic set... 

It is in great condition and only has the odd spot of damage and wear, and is complete.. it is stunning...
I found this gem at the wonderful Pink Flamingo Antiques in Hazelbrook. I could have brought so much from there... seriously.. I was in love with almost everything

From a little op shop somewhere on the way up I managed to score two items for the bank breaking amount of $12... I so love op shops..

This lovely crystal decanter was one.. was not damaged or chipped at all.. only $6

This is to add to my collection, I have about 12 so far I think.

My current collection..

I also managed to find this stunning little bowl and spoon set. I am slightly obsessed with high tea and this matches another I have that is almost the same. Perfect for jam and cream to go with the scones that are always present.

As i seemed to be on a kitchen ware bender I also scored these gorgeous little canisters.. 

The colours were fabulous, they were only slightly worn and i wish i could remember the name of the store I got them from as they had so much stuff. Deb managed to snap up a working vintage sunbeam mixer with original bowl for her new kitchen for $75... seriously if she didn't buy it, I was going to..

enough of the kitchenware now..

While hunting around we found a total little Gem of a store...

It is called 'The Great Pretender
The store is found at 69 Waratah Street, Katoomba

They have such a gorgeous range of Australian Made Vintage inspired Dresses and Clothes. They will also soon be stocking Collectif, Hell Bunny and Spin Doctor UK on their website. I was in heaven but had to be better behaved and only brought one item. I will however be visiting their website and grabbing a few items in the future which I will of course review and share with you all..

The item I couldn't help but buy was a beautiful little faux fur mini cape (I think that is how you could describe it).. it is so soft, fits really well, has a stunning vintage button and I can't wait to wear it with some of my more classic dresses in the cooler months.. I will make sure I take some pictures of it actually on me to share

So that was my haul for the day, I managed to spend only about $140 which I am very happy with. 

the song that I think summed us up and our road trip was...

HorrorPops - Missfits

It sums both Deb and I up so well and we loved singing loudly to our favourite line...

"My fist in the middle of your face, My fist in the middle of your..."



  1. Hey I love your shopping and I so love the Blue Mountains too! We must go again one day! Hey I have fur stole at home (real - poor animal) so you might like to see it when you come up - you can have it of course. Its brown fur so maybe fox. anyway love your blog

  2. You got the most awesome stuff chick!! Very jealous!


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