Thursday, February 21, 2013

Music, a blanket and the Stars...

Two years ago tonight the world lost something very precious..

My Daddy

He was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer in December 2010 and 8 weeks later he left us. we were all there in the house. My Sister, Mon Amour and I were laughing loudly to some show we were watching and i like to think he slipped away happy to the sound of our laughter and surrounded by love.

He taught me so many things in my love i cherish and one of those is his love of music.

There was always music on in our house when i was growing up 
(and i constantly have it on now as well)

Mum and Dad never tried to stop us from listening to what we liked.

I remember weekend mornings cleaning the house all together to a record and dad coming in our little lounge room and pulling me into a dance.

The song i picked today has a very good memory to it. We actually did the exact same thing on the night of his funeral in memory of an amazing man.

I grew up on acreage. 30 minutes from the nearest small town.
On a clear, cool night we would grab all sorts of blankets and mattresses, laying there out on the grass all rugged up together.

We would turn all the lights in the house off, no ambient light, no street lights..
Put on Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

and lay back and watch the stars for hours..
it was magical.

So many shooting stars, Satellites, it was stunning. 

I know it is something we will all do for years to come..

One day when i have kids, i know they will never meet their grandfather but i want to teach them that same love and lay with them under the stars..

knowing their poppy is looking down on us all, watching over us..

so my song for this week is 

Pink Floyd - Us and Them

What music reminds you of a special moment or someone you love?

Please do share..

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