Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Whats in the box??

Do you just love getting parcels in the mail...

I always do and then have that excited wait until i get home so i can go through it all

I recently got a box full of Geeky Goodness i ordered from ThinkGeek

There is so much on that site i want but i limited myself to some shirts and a few other little items. The shipping to Australia was quite reasonable and very quick. My order came by DHL in under a week.

The moment i got home the box got ripped open of course.. And i did a little happy dance

Some of my goodies consisted of....

My new amazingly geeky Battlestar Galactica Tank Top. It looks completely identical to the uniform in the show. The sizing is actually very generous, I got a XXL to accommodate the girls. It fits well but i could have easily gone a XL.  I love it... so say we all...

With the obvious Battlestar bender that i was on when i placed the order i also got a Cylon V Neck Baby Doll Shirt. It is a very nicely cut simple V neck t-shirt. It has a simple red decal on the left front hip. It does however have a very awesome red spine like detail on the back. Again i got an XXL and it fits really well and has a nice little bit of stretch in it. 

We got some shirts for Mon Amour.. a mix of The Dude, Zelda and Portal...

We also got some awesome Portal Drink Bottles. The are a great size and too awesome.

and finally i got a new friend.. Anyone who knows me, knows i am completely obsessed with the labyrinth. It was my all time favourite movie when i was a kid and still is.. 

Yeah i also might of had a bit of a crush on Mr Bowie as Jareth. I am one of those annoying people who can recite the whole movie almost line for line..

I actually squealed when i opened the box and saw the gorgeous little friend....

Did you say Hello?
No I said Allo but thats close enough ^_^

He is just so cute. The Worm from The Labyrinth. Obviously not to the scale that he was in the movie but uber cute and much more huggable. Mr Worm might of sat with me all night and when Mon Amour came to bed after me last night Mr Worm might have been perched on his pillow... 

Mr Worm with his new good friend Totoro.

Well that is all the geeky goodness i brought this week.. i just had to share it all with you are i am totally in love. 

and how can i finish off a post with the worm without sharing some labyrinth love..

Dance magic Dance ^_^



  1. You are too hilarious! Love the drink bottles!

    1. Yeah we all know that i am a total and complete geek, But meh i am proudly so ^_^

  2. Whaaaaaat? Coolest parcel ever. I want one of those battlestar singlets hard out.

    1. it fits so well, i have worn it twice now and all i can say is .... totally awesome.

  3. Hey this post is so cool. I was watching Betelgeuse the other day and laughed thinking of the movies you guys watched when you were small. ha ha love you


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