Monday, September 28, 2015

Confessions of a Brooch Addict - Creep Heart Edition

All right, all right I admit it...

I have a problem..

a slight brooch problem.. 

a brooch can add that little bit of interest or spark to an outfit. I love to add just that little quirky touch to add to the look and add a dash of my personality to a look.

I own many but I have a few artists who I own multiple pieces and will always go back for more.

So today I had to highlight one of my favourite artists.

Creep Heart is the brain child of the amazingly talented Ella Mobs. 
Artist, designer and all round maker of so many things I must buy.

All of the pieces are made by the dynamic duo of Ella and her partner Andy out of their home studio. All featuring the amazing designs and art that she creates.

Ella's designs are cute, yet creepy. 
That awesome mix of Adorable and a little dark.

Pretty much exactly what I love.

I own a variety of items so I thought I would share some of their adorableness with you

Firstly..... the Brooches

They vary in price with the more intricate being about $29.95 AUD, so super affordable.

These are the full size brooches, there are so many more i want... 

Some are old styles that are no longer around, others are from the newest collection. Regardless they all have that little something that makes them stand out.

They are constructed out of a variety of laser cut and printed materials. The pieces are so well made and completely adorable

Next up - The Mini Pins

A Mini Pin is basically just a bity brooch haha 

They are a cute little splash of colour and i have a habit of wearing them in clusters of two or more

 So that is my creep heart brooch collection..... so far.. 

I do also have other items that I just have to share.

Three Necklaces

And a whole bunch of earrings..

And finally I was recently able to get my hands on a ever so adorable decorative plate that reminds me of my little black cat..

As you can see, I do have quite a collection and I can only see it getting bigger. I have yet to find a new design I don't love. It is more a case of self restraint.. 

No Jasmine... you can't buy them all at once...

You can find Ella's work on her WebsiteFacebook page and of course Instagram.

Pop on over for a look and support a very talented artist and a small business.

The question now is....

Which is your favourite?

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  1. Creep Heart is so great! I'm in love with that spirit board pointer necklace!

    1. Isn't it just darling, I feel completely in love with it when i first saw it


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