Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ewa Michalak - Biustonosz S Przeplatanki Review

 I admit it... i have a serious crash on Ewa Michalak Bras. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that i own quite a few and wear them all the time. 

Ewa Michalak is a Polish bra brand, It has some gorgeous designs that offer possibly, the widest range of sizes ever. So many to list, honestly just pop by their website and have a lookJust click on the little English flag at the top to get the English version. 
They ship all over the world and even all the way down here to Australia.

When i saw this new design pop up a while ago i was just in love.

I am a fan of harnesses but the prospect of a bra with optional harness... sold
I just had to grab the Biustonosz S Przeplatank as soon as possible.

It was $99 aud 
($269 polish zloty)
Pretty typical for bras this well constructed and well fitting.

They can take a little while to arrive. They are often made to order then have to travel all the way down here so it is usually a month from order to delivery.

Size wise i am a 40G in Ewa Michalak bras.

Now for their sizing i recommend using the size calculator on their site. It tells you exactly how to measure and then calculates the size. 

I did this then ordered that size and it was spot on. Every bra i ordered from them fits well.

This bra was no exception to that rule

It is a multipurpose bra that can go from a nice everyday bra to a more 'strappy' appearance.
 It comes with a series of elastic detectable straps. 

The cup is a lovely three part construction that creates a wonderful mounded shape that i love so much. It is a molded cup and underwired. 

The bra has removable pads to help correct asymmetry as well. The cups have little pockets sewn in that the pads just slip into.

It has a 3 hook closure on the back

The fabric is a lovely soft knit with a beautiful sheen to it

So i can see you wondering.... how the hell do all the straps work. 

The bra had lovely padded wide straps that have a cord running down them sewn in intervals.

The straps have little hooks on the end that slip onto those cords, in whatever configuration you like.

The central Gore has a looped cord and two buttons sewn in

when you want to use the straps you unloop the cord from the buttons. 

It also has little loops at the back as well so you can have straps all the way over.

Overall this has to be one of the most comfortable bras i have worn in a long time. 
It supports my bust perfectly and has such a wonderful mounded wench shape i love, with or without the straps.

what do you think, straps or no straps?

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