Saturday, November 11, 2017

Playful Promises x Gabi Fresh On the Rocks Review

 You know that moment when you hear about a collaboration and know it can only mean good things..
Well when I heard about the collaboration with the amazing fashion blogger Gabi Fresh and Lingerie company Playful Promises.. 
there was no way I wasn't going to be buying that to try..

So when I saw it was launched I rushed over the the playful promises site and snapped up a few of the pieces. 
Now I am sad to say a lot of it has sold out.. *sob* 
But I still wanted to share my thoughts and how it fit on me.

What I ordered - 

and for comparison my numbers are - 

Dress size: 16/18
Chest: 48.5
Waist: 37
Hips: 50
Height: 5'7"

I ordered a 40G in the bra as I have other bras from the Playful Promises Curve range and they were a good fit. the 20 in the briefs is typically due to baby got back.. *shrug*

 The bra is a 3 piece structured cup construction and gives a really nice rounded shape, which suits my bust well. The straps and nice and thick and the harness with gold details is very nicely placed.

I could have gone down a band size i think but if I did, I would have definitely had to have gone up a cup. Overall I am happy with the size I ordered as it is comfy and looks good.

The briefs are a good fit, very comfy and do not squeeze at all the fabric is very soft with a good stretch. The straps are the same as the straps on the bra, with my smaller waist, I have the straps tightened as much as they can go and they are still slightly loose. 

Now we all know I am fussy as all hell when it comes to suspender belts..
So I hate to say the suspender belt was a big miss for me, I had to order a 20 to accommodate the strap that goes around the hips but that meant the waist was loose. The stocking clips were a exercise in pure frustration getting done up. This would be purely decorative and I very doubt I will ever actually wear it. 

Unless I am wearing a robe of some kind, I just feel slightly like a ham in the strappy suspender belt. With another suspender belt or a few changes to this one it could look awesome.
But the rest is a definite win for me. I love the bra and briefs. they fit well and look great.

I can't wait to see if there are any other future collaborations. 


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