Friday, October 3, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood :: Alternative Curves Blog Hop

Ohh dear lord,
It is already October. where has this year gone... it is flying.

There is however two very good things about it being October..


Two.. The Start of the #ALTERNATIVECURVES blog hop

I am so proud to be part of such an amazing group of girls. 

Founded by the amazing Margot from Margot Meanie and Kobi Jae From Horror Kitsch Bitch, Alternative curves is a online community of  quirky, plus-size ladies (sounds like me maybe) To expand the group beyond a Instagram community on the hash tag #alternativecurves and the awesome Instagram page. the ladies decided we should do a theme outfit post Blog Hop.. There was no way I couldn't take part. 

The Calendar of themes was decided democratically by a group of us on suggestions made. 

So without further ado...This months theme was

 Alternative Fairytale

I just kind of had to do a take on little red riding hood, yes I am well aware it is one of my random obsessions. Therefore this is my Retro / Rockabilly take on Little Red 

The little cape was a little costume item I picked up a while ago

I paired this with my Sophia Top and High Waisted Thrill Skirt from Steady Clothing. Nipping it all in at my waist with my ever present belt.

For an alternate version I added a little red cardigan.

I brought a little of the woods with my Earrings and Brooch from Erstwilder 
Stunning necklace from Debstar Designs.

And all finished with some cute little heels I do not wear often enough from Modcloth

A big thanks to my amazing sister Jess for taking the pictures for me
We had to get one final shot to show my little red obsession with my sleeve, well as much as we could. It is all a little superhero.

Be sure to go and look at the amazing stylings of all the other babes in the Hop

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  1. Great outfit and great fairtale, love the brooches and your tattoo is rad!! :)

  2. I love the hood! And your shoes are amazing! I need them in my life!

  3. Those shoes are AMAZING! I have got to get myself a pair!

  4. Delightful! Especially all the lovely tattoo inspired bird jewelry.

  5. Oh my GAWD I LOVE THIS!!!! So much!!! You are such a stylish, babin' babe, i'm so happy you're doing the hop <3 the one landscape photo that is of you picking mandarins (or cumquats??) actually literally stole my breath. It's so damn exquisite. But really, they all are. I love your style <3 <3 xx


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