Friday, September 12, 2014

You do what with your hair??

Lovelies I have some startling news for you.....

I am sorry it is quite alarming

My Hair is not naturally bright red...

How can it be true I hear you say, I am afraid it is.

In all honest though I get asked quite often what hair colour I use, how it is done, how do we keep it reasonably healthy and what products do I use. So I though I would just chuck it all in a post 

My natural hair colour is a medium to dark brown. I think... It has been many many moons since I have seen it.

Aww baby me..
yes i kinda have to go back to childhood pictures to try and workout my natural hair

I am reasonably lucky that my natural hair takes to dye / bleach very well. Well this is a blessing and a curse. Before deciding to go all red, my hair had been black for a long time. So it took quite a while to strip all the old black out.

This was done by... 

1. My hairdresser Alex and the rest of the team from Doppelganger Hair being completely awesome. 

2. Cutting my hair from waist length to just below my shoulders, to remove as much super black hair and make it work better with the styles I wanted to do

3. Very gently bleaching the hell out of it. The colour achieved was truly nasty. white blonde roots, yellow mid and this dirty nicotine stain brown at the ends. luckily we were smothering the lot with a gorgeous red colour.

So what products and process actually do I use...

Hair colour..

The colour is done about every 5 weeks at Doppelganger (and I trust no one else with my hair), Where they bleach my roots, redo the red and trim my hair to keep it healthy.

The colour we use is Direction La Riche in Pillar Box Red.

It is a wonderful bright red that washes out to a bright pink on me.
I do a top up of my red colour every week or so depending on how often I am washing it.

My biggest advice for bright coloured hair (which i have said before in a previous post)
Dark towels and linen.. 
Trust me,
 I even travel with a black towel so the ones at the hotels do not end up bright pink.

I will also like to restate that the red I have is over bleached hair. That is why it is so bright. If it was over my natural colour I doubt it would be very visible.

When I wash my hair, I use

Sebastian Penetraitt
Strengthening and Repair Shampoo

and rather than conditioner is use a small amount of

Sebastian Penetraitt
Deep Strengthening and Repair Masque

It is lovely and thick and you only need a little bit. If my hair is feeling like it needs a little extra love I leave it on for longer while I shower. Focusing mainly on the ends.

Main Styling Products currently in use..

My hair is quite fine, I just have a lot of it. so it is very prone to frizz..
Me on  humid day...

Can anyone say fuzz ball..

So most of the styling products I use are to protect, smooth, tame and set.

So on damp hair before drying.

Sebastian Taming Elixir
weightless smoothing creme serum

A light feeling frizz reducer with thermal protection as well

The setting lotion I use for Curling a wet set or on dry hair without heat.
Kusco Murphy Setting Lotion

I have heard great things about a few other products that I would like to try but I am making myself finish this one first and it has been good so far

To add shine, tame frizz and thermal protector as well

Some trusty Dry Shampoo as needed.
No Favourite brand at the moment so any suggestions would be cool

Finally for Styling my total favourite Pomade at the moment is 

It smells divine and is great to help, sculpt, shape and smooth.
It is also water soluble so no build up

Other than that trusty old hair spray..
Some of my favourites are 

Big Sexy Hair Spray and Stay
Schwarzkopf Super Styling Lacquer

I have a whole heap of other products that i do not really use any more but can't justify throwing out.
But that is about it.

I do get the urge to change every now and then but for the moment I am loving being a
Bright Red Head
(and sometimes more bright pinky red)

Ohh and for those who want to know.
 No I do not bleach and colour my brows.
They are still brown.
I do them with two Illamasqua High Pigment eye shadows

In Daemon and Forgiveness
Mainly filled in with Daemon, adding a tiny bit of Forgiveness at the end.
Using a setting gel or wax to keep it in place.

Sooo... Ta Da that is it :)

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  2. I love your hair colour, in the past mine never stuck around for long so this post is good for the future if I need it :)

  3. I love your hair and the color! Thanks for sharing your tips and info! It's crazy how people can think something super bright red is legit natural! LOL

  4. I love your hair so much! You are such an inspiration! :) Thank you for sharing all your wonderful tips.


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