Thursday, July 31, 2014

Okashi Connection - July Box

If you follow me on Instagram, I am sure by now you have all noticed my love for random Japanese sweets and snack foods.

Pocky, Pocky, Pocky !!

I recently discovered the awesomeness that is
Okashi Connection.

It is basically a Japanese Candy Subscription service. You subscribe for $22 a month and they send you a box of random Japanese treats.

I excitedly waited and when it arrived I might of done a little squeely happy dance

The contents... was awesome..

(note the Kit Kats and Crunch were an optional add on for extra cost.. and I just wanted)

i got my box before the official blog post with the names of what was in it was up.
So there was a lot of... what the hell is that ??

So i will go through each thing in the box and rating of

- Initial reaction to trying it
- How sweet or savoury?
and on a scale of 1 to 5 noms..
what is my score
1 being blegh to 5 being OMG GIMME!!

Starting with the Bonus Items

Raspberry Kit Kat

Ahhh yum,

 Flavour is kinda creamy at first and then you get slapped with a nice big whack of Raspberry flavour.
First Taste Reaction - Very sweet and just a little bit tart
My score -

Crunch Strawberry Cheesecake bars

These are kept in the freezer so they are cold and have little crunchy bits. Quite sweet with a definite strawberry flavour. I like the fact there is crunch to it. 

First Taste Reaction - Sweet and a little sour
My Score -

Ok now for the contents of the Okashi Connection Box for July


In Japanese, Ninjin means carrot, but this taste nothing like carrot. It is a traditional Japanese snack. It is basically puffed rice. 
First Taste reaction - are you sure this isn't puffed wheat cereal??
- My Score

Morokoshi Wa Taro

Consomme flavoured corn snack. These were weird but surprisingly yum. Kind of like a bland not cheese flavoured Cheezel. 
First Taste reaction - A bit bland but yum
- My Score

Bake – Cookies & Cream

Crunchy, Creamy Heaven basically. These are crunchy but then have a creamy soft centre. 
First Taste reaction - Kinda a almost chocolatey, Vanilla flavour..i think
- My Score
Oyatsu Kids Pack

This was a mixed pack of treats, that is usually eaten by kids. There is some weird stuff in here. Mixed between savoury and sweet
First Taste reaction - The curry flavoured crisps were bleeegggh. Some other things ok but yeah not a winner for me 
- My Score

Wata Gum – Sour Lemon
First reaction - is this cotton candy, i thought it was meant to be gum.
First Taste reaction - F&#& THAT IS SWEET and a bit sour
it is a little weird, kinda chewy, then dissolves to nothing. 
- My Score

Neru Neru Neru - I got the grape flavour

Kinda like a weird build your own candy. 
You have to mix some powders with water, to a weird kinda gummy paste texture and then roll it in something that looks like pop rocks but are not pop rocks. 
First Taste Reaction - HOLY MOTHER OF ALL GODS THAT IS F^#%ing SWEET 
and yeah to weird for me
- My Score

Cream Collon - Cream Soda Flavour

I am such a juvenile that I giggle every time see these cause my mind just reads colon. 
These were very yum
First Taste Reaction - Crunchy, but soft. Slightly fizzy, sweet/sour flavour
- My Score

Poppin Cookie - Neri Candy Land

This be soooo weird. It is kinda like a cross between play dough and candy. You can roll it and form it into shapes. then eat it
First taste Reaction - Just mainly sweet and kinda chewy. too odd for me
- My Score

All in all I am very happy with the contents of my Okashi Connection box this month and am pumped for the next one... 

One question -  do you want to see a reaction video when I try them for the first time at all? ;)

Now excuse me while I nom what is left.... 

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  1. Wow!! What a flippin' cool idea!! Those candies look like an experience, if not all delicious :)

    1. How awesome is it. It is worth it just for the amusement value of watching someone try something you know is mega sweet etc.

  2. Japanese candy looks so pretty and interesting, but I have yet to go beyond Pocky. This box does look fun though : )

    1. I may be slightly obsessed with Pocky and can never help buying other stuff just to see what the hell it is. so when I saw the box I just had to. I love it, it is so much fun trying them all. :)

  3. Pocky 4 lyfe! I'm literally frothing at the mouth looking at all this sugary goodies. The force is strong with my sweet tooth.

  4. Video please! That would be fun to watch. I really want a bite of those Kit Kats!


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