Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gadabout Gamers - My Biggest Gaming Regret

It is that time...
 Time for the Gadabout Gamers Monthly Link up hosted by Mariko at Gamerwife

The theme this month is....
My Biggest Gaming Regret

I do not have any real deep gaming regret.. 
The one that comes to mind for me is that I do not trust in myself and my own skill more often. 
I mainly play MMORPG's and am more than happy to rather jokingly admit when I totally suck at something. Self deprecating humour I can do quite well.

What I have problem with is acknowledging I am good at it. 
Much to the annoyance of one of my good friends who I game with I am sure... 
You know who you are, Sorry I am sure I drive you mental. 

I am very proud to call myself a Geek, I can now also be happy and proud to say I am a Gamer. I do not have to be sure I fit into a certain skill bracket (even if I do and do not acknowledge it), I do not have to play a certain type of game. 
I just have to love it, play it and own who I am.

So repeat after me Jasmine.... 
You are most definitely a Gamer and are better than you think..

Although if I am being completely honest...I do have one other Gaming regret..

I totally suck at First Person Shooters... 
I am much better on PC but on console.... it goes much like this... 
(be warned a very bad photo story to follow using some of our many Nerf guns)

Starting up the game....

Lets Do This !!!

Quickly becomes

Ohhhhh No... 
why am I looking at my feet ?!!!

Ok Ok I can do this....

*insert many swear words here*

now I am looking at the ceiling...great

Breathe Jasmine... just focus

F*#&$... F*&$*... BLEEEEPPPP

Feet again

Ohh for Goodness sake... the fraking ceiling again !!

Why why can I only seem to point at the ceiling or my feet !! 


Ohh wait... slowly Jasmine.. you seem to get getting there

Ahhh Crap

Yep totally dead !!

Rinse and repeat...

Feet, sky, feet, sky..dead

Me and FPS games not a winner but watching me try and play them is apparently hilarious... 

What game type do you suck at?

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  1. Oh my goodness, that photo story was amazing! That is DEFINITELY how I play FPS games as well. Awesome post!

    1. Thanks Lovely lady :) I was laughing the whole time I was taking the pictures cause it is exactly what happens... well with a lot more swearing and who ever I am playing against laughing their butts off..

  2. I am similar when playing FPS. That and I seem to forget how to walk because I'm staring at the ceiling and running into obstacles. But I still have fun and squeal like a little kid when I finial shoot someone.

    1. haha i am so the same, i squeal and try and move the controller hoping it will help..

  3. Lol, this was great! Always got my butt kicked in 007 because of this.

  4. Wow. You have completely captured in images my FPS experience as well. My first attempt playing Mass Effect basically consisted of me standing behind a rock, spinning in a circle, alternately aiming at the sky and my feet. Hilarious.

  5. me!
    OMG! I love this post!!!


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