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Gadabout Gamers: I Am/Not My Avatar

I have decided to join in the Fun with the Wonderful Mariko from Gamerwife for her monthly Gadabout Gamers link up

This months theme is I Am/Not my Avatar.

As you have all probably guessed i am not going to get into a philosophical debate about identity and all that. I completely understand how some people can retreat into their online world and avatars. 
I hope that in some ways i am like my avatars and in many ways i am not. I feel a little like they are all small snippets of my personality and not.. if that makes sense... (who am i kidding of course it doesn't) They are me and are not. When you talk to me when i am online gaming as any of my avatars, it is me regardless of what avatar i am playing. I am who i am i will not change my personality for anyone. 

Ways i am NOT my avatars... 
- There is a lot of them, if i am them i have one hell of a Multiple personality thing going on.
- Gravity does not seem to exist in gaming world when it comes to body shape... sigh.... if only right ?!... 
- They are pixels, it is what it is. They are a pretty toy, even if we do identify with them. They are not a replacement for the real me
- if i had my hair that many colours it would have all fallen out and fried by now (although i am trying ;) )
- I do try my hardest not to loot the bodies of my fallen enemies/friends or to be honest anything that is laying around, as much as possible, unlike my avatars (show me the Looooooot !!)
- As much as i try there is no way i can carry a sword/hammer/(insert any large weapon here) and throw it around like it is a feather. i am lucky if i can pick up my bag !! 

And on that note i thought i would introduce you to a few from the two main games i am slamming at the moment
 and for reference this is me...

These are my avatars :)

Guild Wars 2
I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since launch in Oct 2012. I still love it although i am playing a few others recently for a bit of a change. I will always come back to Gw2 though.
Server - Northern Shiverpeaks

Reaghann - Lvl 80 Ranger (Human)

  Reaghann is one of my main avatars in GW2. 
she may have a serious case of underboob going on

Belladonna Scarlett - Lvl 80 Necromancer (human)

Alyss Cobalt - Lvl 80 Warrior (Human)

Malissande - Lvl 80 Guardian (Norn)

Very very tall with a whole warrior angel thing going on

Zörya - Lvl 80 Mesmer (Human)

NyghtShäydê - Lvl 80 Elemental (Sylvari)

Düvessa - Lvl 30 Thief (Norn)

Käylèe - Lvl 34 Engineer (Human)

That is it for the guild wars avatars. Yes i do always play girls and tend to go for the more human looking for some reason... no idea why

I started playing Neverwinter at launch last year but got drawn back into Gw2 quite soon after. I have recently started playing again and am having fun

Anameleth (Drow)
lvl 21 ranger

I have many others from games i used to play or other games i play less heavily...

My first ever avatar would have been sonic or alex kidd 

What games do you play??

Why don't you pop over to Gamerwife and join in the fun 

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  1. Wow! I haven't really played GW2 since I gave up a few months after release, so I had no idea the game had such hot gear! Your necromancer is definitely defying some serious laws of gravity :P

    Great post!

    1. they all are, I swear they don't even jiggle when swings a massive great sword around !! If only we could pull that little gem into real life.. would make running a whole lot easier. :P

  2. I have never played GW2, but your gear looks great! I am a WoW player myself, and I tend to choose the human or most human looking races in the game as well (all girls too, I can't get into playing a dude lol). Loved your post!

    1. Thanks so much :) I never really played WoW, I tried once but I think I wasn't in a MMO head space at the time. I had a few dude avatars but yeah they all got rolled into girls. just one of those things I guess ;)

  3. I love the little David Bowie vibe that Duvessa has going on, and I also love how you seem to vacillate between girly warriors and warrior girls. I don't have much experience with MMOs, but I definitely understand how creating new characters can become a bit of an obsession, even if non of them really are you. Great post.

    1. She is definitely channelling a little bit of the ziggy stardust look, totally by accident i have to say.. (might help I am Bowie fan) Thanks so much for the great link up. Can't wait until next Month ;)

  4. I love this post! I should have commented earlier. Anyway, it's always interesting to see what people design their avatars to look like. I love that you have an engineer named Käylèe! They're all very pretty too. Personally, I don't play that many games. I'd like to but my computer isn't great for gaming. Also I like to customize too much, and spend most of my time doing just that. That's why I play the sims, lol. All of mine have either had orange or blue hair and have been witches or adventurers. Everything I'm not, I suppose.

    Oh and by the way, I nominated you for a bloggy award! :)

    1. Awww thanks so much, I totally get it with the customising to much. I do that all the time... it is why my last two lower level avatars in GW2 look like my lvl 80's I can't deal with them looking crap lol

      Thank you so much for the nomination, you are so sweet. I need to get onto my blog and answer those questions ;)


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