Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In shower moisturiser??

I go through periods of being really good with moisturising my body.
I usually do it, honest i do..
It is just so easy to forget. 
In winter you just want to get dressed and warm. 
In summer you want to avoid anything that makes you more sticky

So when i saw the Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion at Priceline, i just had to try it...

I may have had a OMG if that works i will be in love moment..

My skin can get dry at times, we have all had that dry scaly leg look if you don't put moisturiser on in the morning.

Since using this baby....nada just lovely soft skin.
No slimy feeling, no having to wait for it to dry while standing in the cold.

I exfoliate my whole body once a week usually.

This is a simple as when in the shower, after you wash, either turn it off or step out of the flow of water and rub the In-Shower Body Lotion all over your body. 

I would not recommend you use this on your face at all, it is a body moisturiser.

Wait a little bit (about a minute is all that is needed really) for it to soak in i usually take this time to give myself a quick massage/exfoliate with the soft brush.

Then rinse off.. That simple. 

The result

It is now a staple part of my everyday routine.  After using for about a month i am very happy and while my legs are glow in the dark pale, they are soft and not dry at all.

The scent is almost nonexistant so will not clash with other products and as it is being washed off, it does not linger. All i can say it.

Do you moisturise regularly??

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