Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Birthday Haul so far...

For those who don't know it was recently my birthday (just after easter)
It was a nice relaxed affair, i was lucky it was on a Saturday

The night before i had a awesome dinner with my dear friend Amber who has her birthday the day before mine

(Stunning Ms Amber and I after dinner and many drinks)

I was able to sleep in, which is one of my favourite things EVER..

Had a amazing breakfast at Bar Nosh (the cafe right near my house)

Played way too much Guild Wars 2 during the day but that is nothing different than usual

Had a wonderful dinner with Mon Amour, best friends, my Mummy and Gorgeous Sister and her hubby. Mexican at Beach Burrito Company and then Doughbox for dessert

Me and the divine Deb

I had a great night and was spoilt with presents. Here is a wrap up of the presents i have so far :)

My main birthday present from Mon Amour, was my beautiful new recurve bow..
(for those who know archery- It is a SF Axiom in White - 68 inch currently set at 28pds)

This book is stunning, so me and such a gorgeous mix recipes, party ideas and even hair styles.
My best friends Mandy and Dave got this as a part of my present from the Love Vintage Fashion Fair.

 My house smells amazing now thanks to the darling Deb - for this gorgeous home fragrance she got me from MOR

I was also spoilt with the following stunning things from mandy and dave

Super cute OZ Book

  Alice Puzzle 
(i may be quite obsessed with alice in wonderland)

super super gorgeous parasol which i am in love with... 
the thin handle is leather covered... need i say more

The amazing Amber gave me this wonderful book full of crafty fun from the Paris Sewing Cafe

and my lovely family gave me
 $$$$ MONEY $$$$ 

Yay so now i can buy more pretty things and share them with you all

To wrap up the birthday bonanza....
 here is an outfit i wore to my work friend's birthday party last night..

Top: Plain Black Tank top - Target

What is on your birthday wish list this year??


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