Sunday, August 2, 2015

Its made of wood?!

I have always been a fan of wooden accessories, I just love the feel and texture of the wood grain. 
Now you may have noticed but i am not a huge watch wearer. 

It is no surprise that i tend to be very fussy about what i like on me with everything, but even more watch wise. 

So when the wonderful people over at JORD Wood Watches offered to send me one of their Unique Watches to try i just had to. It looked like it would hit all the marks for me. Simple, classic, not to big and pretty.

The watch i chose was the Fieldcrest in Maple

Importantly to me as well was the fact that Jord Watches uses only natural and sustainable sourced wood. Some of the woods they have in the current ranges are just gorgeous. With the likes obamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood, cherry, zebrawood, koa, purple heart, ebony and rosewood, the looks are stunning and varied. The grain texture is just lovely.

I am a huge fan of light wood so i could not go past the maple.

When it arrived it was in a beautiful wood (funny that :P) keepsake box

It was packaged so safely on its own little pillow.

I was just smitten on first sight.

I used the watch measure guide on the site and it fit perfectly first time. The wood is so lovely and smooth and has a warmth to it.

The wood finish is just clean and natural, untreated and so crisp. I have not had to clean it as of yet but they recommend a coat of something like beeswax to protect the original finish. 
If you need to clean it a little olive oil and lemon juice on a soft cloth a little at a time. while it sounds a little more like a salad dressing than a watch cleaner i trust their advice on this. 

On the plus side, if you a peckish you could just add the watch cleaner to your salad.. 

Kidding aside, i just love the naturalness of the whole thing, the maple wood. The fact that you can clean it and protect it with items that are not chemical. 

Wonderful for those of us who are more sensitive to certain things. I have been known to get skin irritations from metal watches. I have had not even the slightest trace or discomfort from this watch after many extended wearings

So other than having to remind myself that i do actually have a watch on and don't have to check my phone for the time, i so not have anything bad to say about this timepiece.

It is just lovely.. that is it

and coming in at $120 US it is also very affordable for such a well designed watch. 

so my question to you... light or dark wood? what would be your choice?

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